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DipArts Ancient History-Single Major (Part-Time)

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Certificate / Diploma
Part Time

2 Years
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Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
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About this course

The Diploma in Arts is available to graduates of a Bachelor program in any field of study. Students enrolling in the Diploma are required to complete one major or two minors. It is a flexible program that allows students to complete arts courses in a new area of study in order to gain additional qualifications. Upon completion and subject to satisfactory performance and entry requirements, this program may enable students eligibility for entry into Honours, to postgraduate coursework and, via Honours, entry to research postgraduate study. The Diploma in Arts is a commonwealth supported (HECS-Help) program. 

The early Mediterranean cultures provide the foundations of Western civilisation and so their study is highly relevant today. Students will learn about the history, literature, religion, philosophy, social customs, art and architecture of ancient peoples as diverse as the Egyptians, Persians, Greeks and Romans. Courses span a huge period from the Bronze Age to Late Antiquity and focus on a variety of important individuals, ideas and achievements, e.g. Alexander the Great, Greek democracy, and the rise of Imperial Rome. Since their achievements continue to influence modern ideas and institutions, the study of Ancient History is a good way to understand the modern world.


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Eligibility Criteria

Academic Requirement:

Bachelor's degree or equivalent in any field.

Note:This program is not available to International students.

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Course Modules

       Course Code Course Title

  • ANCH1240 The Rise of Ancient Greece: Greek History to the 4th Century BC
  • ANCH1250 The Rise of Ancient Rome: Roman History from Romulus to Augustus
  • ANCH2030 Myth, Magic and Religion in the Ancient World
  • ANCH2040 The World of Classical Athens: Democracy, Culture and Society
  • ANCH2050 Ancient World Study Tour: Sites and Museums
  • ANCH2070 Study Tour: Sites and Museums of Roman Italy
  • ANCH2130 Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic World
  • ANCH2230 The Age of Imperial Rome: Politics and Society from Tiberius to Constantine
  • ANCH2250 The Career and Influence of Julius Caesar
  • ANCH2270 Art & Archaeology of Ancient Rome
  • ANCH2280 Roman Society & Civilisation
  • ANCH2290 Art & Archaeology of Ancient Greece
  • ANCH2310 Individuals and the State in the Roman Republic
  • ANCH2431 The World of Late Antiquity
  • ANCH2500 Ancient History and Modern Cinema
  • ANCH2900 R.D. Milns Antiquities Museum International Internship and Field
  • DRAM2090 Ancient Greek and Roman Theatre
  • GREK2120 Intermediate Greek
  • GREK2230 Greek Language & Literature 1
  • LATN2120 Intermediate Latin
  • LATN2230 Latin Language & Literature 1
  • WRIT3100 Writing Ancient History
  • ANCH3020 Special Topic in Greek History
  • ANCH3030 Special Topic in Roman History

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How to Apply

Applications must be lodged via the Online Application Form.Domestic applications for admission to all undergraduate programs are made online hrough the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC).If you are not a current Year 12 applicant, you will be asked to include details of any previous studies and any subsequent tertiary study (e.g. university or TAFE studies). If you believe your work experience is relevant to your application, please provide supporting documentation.



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