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National :15 Jul 
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B.Sc. Psychology

 Course Level
Bachelors / UG
Full Time

3 Years
 Start month

 Tuition fee


Application fee

International 40 EUR
National 40 EUR
Department of Psychology
Scores accepted

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About this course

The course aims to convey the knowledge, skills and experiences that enable students to work in selected areas of Psychology. Graduates of the bachelor’s course in Psychology are qualified for jobs involving primary diagnostic and counselling duties in health and social care, education and training and administration, business and industry. Graduates can also work in the fields of scientific studies and subject-specific education, further training and continuing education as well. The career area options include human resources, health education, school system, counselling roles in education, clinical psychology and occupational psychology, as well as the area of surveys and market research. Students also acquire the skills that enable them to progress to post-graduate master’s or doctoral degrees, above all in psychological subjects.

The skills are taught through a combination of frontal teaching, virtual teaching and self-study, both alone and in groups. The HU Psychology course provides its students with the opportunity to contribute to research and development projects at an early stage.

The course is designed to enable students to spend the 5th - and potentially the 6th - semester abroad. The modules that last for semesters 5 and 6 can also be taken in a single semester.

Check further details on University website

Eligibility Criteria

It is absolutely vital for Bachelor students to have a good command of German language if studies at Humboldt are to be successful. Most of the courses for the undergraduate students are taught in German! Don't be afraid, even if the course is held in German, students may take the exam in English.

During the application procedure, students have to take an online language test (called "C-Test").This test is the only German certificate accepted. It may not be substituted by any other certificate!

  • Minimum Score: 61 points (out of 100), equivalent to B1-level in the CEFR
  • Applicants who scored 50-60 points will be required to take an intensive German language course before the term starts (e.g. Intensive Language course at HU).
  • If the student does not achieve at least ≥ 61 points afterwards, there is no opportunity to be enrolled at HU.

In certain cases (please contact us - only possible with special permit!) we can deviate from the strict German language requirement. We offer about 5-10 courses in English for Bachelor students, which limits the choice of courses dramatically!

Please note that this is an exceptional rule that does not apply automatically. You will be only able to use this option if you are advanced in your studies and if we agreed on a special case permit prior to your application.

So, especially if students are required to do a certain amount of credits, this may force them to take Master-level courses. These will obviously be more demanding.

For Bachelor students who have the permission to take English classes only, the same language requirements as for Master students apply (see below). Furthermore, a confirmation of your home coordinator that you are allowed to follow master coures is needed!

Check further details on University website

Course Modules

Mono-bachelor's Course with 180 CP
Mandatory subjects (125 CP)

  • Methodology I and Scientific Working Methods
  • Methodology II
  • General and Biological Psychology I
  • General and Biological Psychology II
  • Personality Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Evolutionary and Educational Psychology
  • Psychological Diagnostics I
  • Psychological Diagnostics II
  • Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy
  • Occupational, Engineering, Organisational Psychology
  • Internal internships
  • Professional internship
  • Bachelor’s thesis

Subject-specific mandatory elective modules (30/35 CP)

  • General and Biological Psychology (In-depth A)
  • General and Biological Psychology (In-depth B)
  • Personality Psychology (In-depth)
  • Social Psychology (In-depth)
  • Developmental Psychology (In-depth)
  • Occupational, Engineering, Organisational Psychology (In-depth)
  • Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy (In-depth)
  • Epistemological Foundations of Psychology

Interdisciplinary mandatory elective modules (20/25 CP)
Students must take interdisciplinary mandatory elective modules worth 20 CP (if the module ‘Epistemological Foundations of Psychology’ is taken) or 25 CP. These are listed in the relevant module catalogues of other subject areas or central units. The students can freely select the subject areas of the modules. They do this to obtain in-depth exposure to another subject area.

We recommend a combination with the subjects Business Administration, Biology, Educational Sciences, Protestant Theology, Gender Studies, Computer Science, Cultural Studies, Mathematics, Musicology and Media, Philosophy, Law, Rehabilitation Sciences, Social Sciences, Sports Sciences and Economics in particular. Alternatively, students can take advantage of the services of the Career Center (e.g. presentation techniques and moderation techniques) or the Language Centre of Humboldt-Universität.

Psychology as a cross-disciplinary mandatory elective module in other bachelor’s courses
As a cross-disciplinary mandatory elective module, the study of Psychology offers students of other subjects an overview of the content, issues and research methods of Psychology. Each of the following modules can accommodate up to five students from other subject areas:

  • General and Biological Psychology I
  • General and Biological Psychology II
  • Psychological Diagnostics
  • Social Psychology
  • Evolutionary and Educational Psychology
  • Occupational, Engineering, Organisational Psychology (In-depth)

Check further details on University website

How to Apply

The printed and signed application form, including all the necessary documents in paper form (as
officially authenticated copies), must be received by UNI-ASSIST by the deadline set for the course

1. Please note that an application cannot be considered unless UNI-ASSIST has received
all the required documentation within the prescribed period.

The following documents must be attached to an application:

  • authenticated copies of educational certificates obtained so far, including the secondary schoolleaving certificate together with marks received and, if applicable, university entrance examinationdocumentation, evidence of study areas and grades obtained in previous studies, or graduationcertificate;
  • enrolment certificate, if you are a student at another German or European higher education institution at the time you apply for a place at Humboldt, or certificate of exmatriculation (Exmatrikulationsbescheinigung) specifying the areas of study if you have previously studied at another higher education institution in Germany, EU, Iceland, Norway,Liechtenstein or Switzerland;
  • evidence of German language skills (see point 2);
  • German translations of all certificates (exception: documents in English);
  • CV starting with the beginning of school education up till now;
  • a current passport-sized photo;
  • the UNI-ASSIST receipt (proof of fees paid);
  • a photocopy of your passport (authentication is not required).

Check further details on University website

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