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The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology (HKUST) Course/Program Name
Application closes on
National :05 Jan 
International :05 Jan 

BSc Biological Science

 Course Level
Bachelors / UG
Full Time

4 Years
 Start month

 Tuition fee

140000 HKD
42000 HKD

Application fee

International 180 HKD
National 180 HKD
Division of Life Science
Scores accepted
IELTS (min)6
TOEFL-IBT (min)80
TOEFL-PBT (min)550
ACT (avg)23

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About this course

This versatile program aims to provide students with a broad coverage and a basic understanding of major principles, concepts and technologies of organismal and systems biology, including animal, plant, evolutionary and environmental biology. The flexibility of this major facilitates students in undertaking more elective courses offered by other academic departments such as Engineering, Social Sciences, Humanities and Business.

Career Prospects:

The emphasis of this program is to equip students with a broad scope of general biological knowledge, which provides students with comprehensive training in transferable skills as well as opportunities in independent learning required for all career paths. Our Biological Science students are armed with strong skills in acquisition of scientific enquiry and critical thinking and the majority of graduates accept jobs requiring interdisciplinary knowledge. Moreover, students will be equipped with strong problem solving skills and analytical skills throughout their science training. A wide range of career options will be available to our Biological Science graduates.

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Eligibility Criteria

Academic requirements


  • SAT/AP, GCEAL/IAL, IB or other qualifications.
  • American Patterned System (SAT/AP): SAT Reasoning Test with a minimum combined score of 1800 or above (in one sitting) or ACT plus Writing with a minimum composite score of 27 or above (in one sitting), and with three SAT Subject Tests, each with a minimum score of 600 or with Advanced Placement in three subjects, each with a minimum score of 3
  • Note: For students using New SAT, please consult the concordance tables provided by the College Board which show the equivalent score on the old SAT for a score on the new SAT
  • British Patterned System (GCEAL/IAL): At least 3 Passes in AL subjects
  • International Baccalaureate (IB): Completion of IB Diploma

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Course Modules

Major Requirements

 Students MUST take the following courses prior to enrollment into the major

Major Pre-requisite course(s)


  • LIFS 1901 General Biology I
  • LIFS 1902 General Biology II

 Required Course(s)

  • LIFS 1903 Laboratory for General Biology I
  • LIFS 1904 Laboratory for General Biology II
  • LIFS 2010 Modern Approaches to Biochemical and Cell Biological
  • Research
  • LIFS 2040 Cell Biology
  • LIFS 2210 Biochemistry I
  • LIFS 2220 Biochemistry II
  • LIFS 2240 Cell Biology Laboratory
  • LIFS 2720 Biochemistry Laboratory
  • LIFS 2820 Biochemical Laboratory Techniques
  • LIFS 3010 Molecular and Cellular Biology I
  • LIFS 3020 Molecular and Cellular Biology II
  • LIFS 3140 General Genetics

 LIFS/SCIE Note: LIFS 4961 OR (LIFS 4971 AND LIFS 4981) OR (SCIE 4500 AND LIFS 4981)  (Students following IRE Track can only use (SCIE 4500 AND LIFS 4981) to fulfill the requirement.)

  • LIFS 4961 Biochemistry and Cell Biology Capstone Project
  • LIFS 4971 Biochemistry and Cell Biology Project Research I
  • LIFS 4981 Biochemistry and Cell Biology Project Research II
  • SCIE4500IRE Research Project II

CHEMNote: CHEM 1010 OR CHEM 1020

  • CHEM 1010 General Chemistry IA
  • CHEM 1020 General Chemistry IB
  • CHEM 1030 General Chemistry II
  • CHEM 1050 Laboratory for General Chemistry I
  • CHEM 1055 Laboratory for General Chemistry II

CHEM Note: CHEM 2110 OR CHEM 2311

  • CHEM 2110 Organic Chemistry I
  • CHEM 2311 Analytical Chemistry

CHEMNote: CHEM 2155 OR CHEM 2355

  • CHEM 2155 Fundamental Organic Chemistry Laboratory
  • CHEM 2355 Fundamental Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
  • LANG 3014 Laboratory Report Writing for Life Science Students
  • LANG4014English for Biochemistry Capstone Projects**


  •  LIFS 1030 Environmental Science 
  • LIFS 2060 Biodiversity
  • LIFS 2070 Introduction to Biotechnology
  • LIFS 2080 Plant Biology
  • LIFS 3002 Special Topics of Biological Sciences
  • LIFS 3040 Animal Physiology
  • LIFS 3060 Microbiology
  • LIFS 3070 Biophysics and Physical Biochemistry
  • LIFS 3110 Biotechnological Application of Recombinant DNA Techniques
  • LIFS 3210 Principles of Recombinant DNA Technology
  • LIFS 3240 Introduction to Neurobiology
  • LIFS 3510 Junior Research Project I
  • LIFS 3520 Junior Research Project II
  • LIFS 4060 Immunobiology
  • LIFS 4090 Developmental Biology
  • LIFS 4140 Cancer Biology
  • LIFS 4170 Advanced Molecular Genetics
  • LIFS 4190 Advanced Cell Biology
  • LIFS 4370 Human Genetics and Personalized Medicine
  • LIFS 4540 Structure and Function of Proteins
  • LIFS 4580 Bioinformatics
  • LIFS 4620 Advanced Biological Chemistry
  • LIFS 4760 Biochemistry of Diseases
  • LIFS 4800 Epigenetics and Chromosome Biology
  • LIFS 4950 Neurochemistry
  • BIPH 2010 Introductory Biological Physics
  • BIPH 3010 Advanced Biological Physics
  • BIPH 4010 Principles of Quantitative Instrumentation
  • CHEM 3120 Organic Chemistry II
  • CHEM 3320 Instrumental Analysis
  • CHEM 4140 Intermediate Organic Chemistry

 Required Course(s)

  • LIFS 3110 Biotechnological Application of Recombinant DNA Techniques 
  • LIFS 3210 Principles of Recombinant DNA Technology
  • LIFS 3520 Junior Research Project II
  • SCIE 3500 IRE Research Project I


Check further details on University website

How to Apply

Application Procedure: 


Simply create an account and submit your application via online application system

Check further details on University website

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