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National :01 Dec 
International :01 Dec 

BS Biochemistry

 Course Level
Bachelors / UG
Full Time

4 Years
 Start month

 Tuition fee

33506 USD
17040 USD

Application fee

International 75 USD
National 50 USD
Department of Biochemistry
Scores accepted
IELTS (min)6.5
TOEFL-IBT (min)80
TOEFL-PBT (min)550
SAT (avg)1390
ACT (avg)31

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About this course

The typical program of courses required to satisfy this degree totals 126-131 hours as outlined below including up to 12 hours of non-primary language (if not completed in high school); in no case will a program totaling less than 120 hours qualify for graduation. In addition, in order to graduate there is a minimum 2.0 cumulative academic grade point average and student must attain a 2.5 academic grade point average in the chemistry, biochemistry, biology, mathematics, physics and advanced electives in science/engineering courses specified in this curriculum. All proposals for course substitutions must be approved by the academic advisor. This curriculum is intended for those students who desire a rigorous education in chemistry, biochemistry, and biology, who have definite research-oriented goals, and whose career objectives include graduate school, MD/PhD programs, or industry.

All students must complete the General education requirements including the campus general education language requirement.

Minimum hours required for graduation: 120 hours

Students earning the Biochemistry degree automatically complete the Chemistry minor. Students earning a degree in the Specialized Curriculum in Biochemistry may not earn a second degree in the Science and Letters Curriculum in Molecular and Cellular Biology.

Departmental distinction: A student seeking distinction must satisfy the following:

  • Complete a minimum of 6 credit hours of undergraduate research (BIOC 290 and BIOC 492) with a minimum of 4 credit hours of BIOC 492.
  • Earn at least a 3.25 grade-point average.
  • Present a senior thesis to the department.

Check further details on University website

Eligibility Criteria

English Language Requirement-

IELTS Academic-

  • Overall Score 6.5
  • Listening 6
  • Writing 6
  • Reading 6
  • Speaking 6

PTE Academic

  • Overall Score 54 
  • Listening 47
  • Writing 56
  • Reading 51
  • Speaking 53 


  • Total Score 550 

Check further details on University website

Course Modules

Select one of the following: 8-9

  •  CHEM 202 Accelerated Chemistry I
  • & CHEM 203 and Accelerated Chemistry Lab I
  • & CHEM 204 and Accelerated Chemistry II
  • & CHEM 205 and Accelerated Chemistry Lab II (preferred sequence)
  • CHEM 102 General Chemistry I
  • & CHEM 103 and General Chemistry Lab I
  • & CHEM 104 and General Chemistry II
  • & CHEM 105 and General Chemistry Lab II (with advisor approval)

Organic chemistry, select from:

  • CHEM 236 Fundamental Organic Chem I
  • & CHEM 237 and Structure and Synthesis
  • & CHEM 436 and Fundamental Organic Chem II (preferred sequence)
  • CHEM 232 Elementary Organic Chemistry I
  • & CHEM 233 and Elementary Organic Chem Lab I
  • & CHEM 332  and Elementary Organic Chem II (with advisor approval)

Molecular and Cellular Biology 17

  • MCB 150 Molec & Cellular Basis of Life 
  • MCB 250 Molecular Genetics 
  • MCB 251 Exp Techniqs in Molecular Biol 
  • MCB 252 Cells, Tissues & Development 
  • MCB 253 Exp Techniqs in Cellular Biol 
  • MCB 354 Biochem & Phys Basis of Life or equivalent as approved by academic advisor

Physical chemistry, select one group of courses: 7-8

  • CHEM 440 Physical Chemistry Principles (Biological Perspective Section) 
  • BIOC 446 Physical Biochemistry (preferred sequence) 


  • CHEM 442 Physical Chemistry I 
  • CHEM 444 Physical Chemistry II (with advisor approval) 
  • Mathematics 11-12
  • MATH 220 Calculus 
  • or MATH 221 Calculus I
  • MATH 231 Calculus II 
  • MATH 241 Calculus III 

Physics, select from: 3 10-12

  • PHYS 211 University Physics: Mechanics
  • & PHYS 212 and University Physics: Elec & Mag
  • & PHYS 213 and Univ Physics: Thermal Physics
  • & PHYS 214 and Univ Physics: Quantum Physics (preferred sequence) 

PHYS 101 College Physics: Mech & Heat
& PHYS 102 and College Physics: E&M & Modern (or equivalent as approved by academic advisor (with advisor approval) 
Biochemistry: 4 13

  • BIOC 455 Technqs Biochem & Biotech 
  • BIOC 460 Biochemistry Senior Seminar 
  • BIOC 406 Gene Expression & Regulation 
  • BIOC 445 Current Topics in Biochemistry 

Select 10 hours of Advanced Science/Technical Electives (may include up to 7 hours of BIOC 492, Senior Thesis) from approved list. 5 10




Check further details on University website

How to Apply

Here's What You Need:
First Year applicants must meet these four core requirements to complete an application:

  • The Common Application online including the UIC-specific questions and essays under the My Colleges tab. See application tips for details. Printed applications will not be accepted.
  • The $50 nonrefundable application fee or fee waiver
  • Official high school transcript*, submitted electronically or via mail, along with the Common Application School Report 
  • ACT/SAT scores, submitted electronically or printed on official transcripts

*Please note that our mailing address changed recently. Check with your counselor or registrar to ensure that they send documents only to the following address.

Office of Undergraduate Admissions (MC 018) 
University of Illinois at Chicago 
1200 West Harrison Street, Suite 1100
Chicago, IL 60607-7161  

Other requirements
Additional requirements may apply to the following applicants:

  • Early Action applicants. Must have their Common Application, transcript, and test scores submitted by November 1. Applicants should select the Early Action option in the "preferred admission plan" question on UIC's Common Application Member's page.
  • Honors College and Guaranteed Professional Program Admissions (GPPA) applicants. Must be admitted as undergraduates prior to review. The following supplemental documents are required for Honors College and GPPA applicants: An essay for each program submitted with the application.
  • Two recommendations submitted through the Common Application or via mail.
  • International applicants. Must meet the core First Year requirements as well as display evidence of English competency and financial certifications. First Year applicants with international coursework will also be assessed the $30 international credential evaluation fee. See Undergraduate International Admissions Requirements for details. 

Homeschooled students. Must satisfy all of the above requirements. Acceptable homeschool transcripts must include: a list of all subjects/courses attempted by year

  • Grades and/or examination results received (both passing and failing)
  • Maximum and minimum grades obtainable
  • Number of units earned

High School graduates who have attended another college or university since graduating. Must meet the Transfer Admission Requirements and will not be considered for First Year admission. High School graduates who have never attended another college or university must submit evidence of graduation from an accredited high school or submit passing scores on the General Educational Development (GED) test.

Most Transfer applicants must meet the following core requirements to apply:

  • Use the UIC web application or the Common Application. Printed applications will not be accepted.
  • The $50 nonrefundable application fee or fee waiver.
  • Official college/university transcripts*, submitted electronically or via mail, from every college/university you’ve attended.

Additional requirements may apply to the following applicants:

  • Advanced Placment (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) test scores are encouraged, particularly if they may count towards credit that satisfies your program's prerequisites. 
  • ACT or SAT test scores may be required for the following applicants:
  • Any transfer applicant with fewer than 36 hours of credit at the time of enrollment.
  • Applicants to the BA in Urban Education program within the College of Education are required to submit ACT/SAT plus writing scores.
  • International applicants. Must meet the core transfer requirements as well as display evidence of English competency and financial certifications. Transfer applicants with international coursework will also be assessed the $30 international credential evaluation fee. See Undergraduate International Admissions Requirements for details. 
  • Honors College applicants must be admitted as undergraduates prior to review and include the following with their application: 
  • An essay submitted with the application.

Applicants to the programs below must submit supplemental documents with their Common Application or UIC Web Application (see Upload Guide).

  • Nursing
  • Nutrition Coordinated Program
  • Nutrition Science
  • Health Information Management
  • Public Health
  • Urban Education requires ACT/SAT plus writing scores

Non-residential fees- 32662

Check further details on University website

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