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National :16 Feb 
International :16 Feb 

BA(Hons) Mediaeval Studies

 Course Level
Bachelors / UG
Full Time

4 Years
 Start month

 Tuition fee

41920 CAD
41920 CAD

Application fee

International 90 CAD
National 90 CAD
Mediaeval Studies Website
Scores accepted
IELTS (min)6.5
TOEFL-IBT (min)100
TOEFL-PBT (min)600
SAT (avg)1200
ACT (avg)26

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About this course

Mediaeval Studies encompasses all aspects of European culture from the fall of Rome to the fall of Constantinople, approximately 450 to 1450 AD. Through courses in history, literature and art, the program offers the opportunity to study subjects which are not only of value in themselves, but also sources of many things familiar to us, in a context sufficiently unfamiliar to expand our mental horizons and suggest new perspectives.

An interdisciplinary treatment of the history, art, literature and thought of the Middle Ages.

St. Michael’s also offers a number of courses, listed below, which form part of the above programs, or of the programs of other colleges and departments, or are a reflection of staff and student academic interests not always available in departmental course offerings.

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Eligibility Criteria


Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Minimum Requirement iBT – total score of 100 + 22 on Writing PBT – total score of 600 + 5.0 on TWE Discretionary Range* iBT – total score 89-99 + 19-21 on Writing PBT – total score 573-597 + 4.5 on TWE
The minimum requirement is an overall band of 6.5, with no band below 6.0. Results are received electronically from IELTS. We do not accept paper results.

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Course Modules

Mediaeval Studies Major (Arts program)
Consult Professor Giulio Silano, St. Michael's College. 

(7 full courses or their equivalent, including at least 2.0 FCEs at the 300+ level, 0.5 of which must be at the 400 level)

1.  At least 0.5 FCE from the introductory courses: SMC175H1/SMC176Y1/SMC210H1/SMC212H1.

2. At least 1.0 FCE from the foundational courses listed below, which provide further introduction into more specific aspects of Mediaeval Studies

3.  Up to 4.5 FCEs from among the following elective courses, with at least 1.5 FCEs from courses with an SMC designator.   Students can choose courses from all four groups.


  •  SMC211H1/SMC212H1/SMC215H1/SMC337H1/SMC338H1/SMC344Y1/CLA378H1/HIS208Y1/HIS220Y1/HIS251Y1//HIS320H1/HIS321H1/HIS322H1/HIS323H1/HIS336H1/HIS403Y1/HIS424H1/HIS426H1/HIS427H1/HIS428H1/HIS432H1/HIS434Y1/ HIS438H1/HPS201H1/HPS430H1/NMC270H1/NMC273Y1/NMC275H1/NMC342H1/NMC376H1/NMC377Y1/NMC396Y1


  •  SMC188Y1/SMC205H1/SMC210H1/SMC213H1/SMC307H1/SMC324H1/SMC327H1/SMC350H1/SMC359H1/SMC361H1/CLA336H1/MAT390H1/MST200Y1/PHL200Y1/PHL205H1/PHL206H1/PHL303H1/PHL304H1/PHL307H1/
  •   PHL308H1/PHL309H1/PHL336H1/RLG241Y1


  •  SMC176Y1/SMC222H1/SMC226H1/SMC250Y1/SMC323H1/SMC343H1/SMC373H1/SMC440Y1/
  •  SMC441Y1/SMC436H1/ENG240Y1/ENG300Y1/ENG311H1/ENG330H1/ENG385H1/FRE318H1/FRE471H1/
  •  GER429H1/ITA311H1/ITA312H1/ITA320H1/LAT101H1/LAT102H1/LAT201H1/LAT202H1/
  •  NMC255Y1/NMC350H1/SLA330Y1/SLA400H1/SPA450H1.

 The Arts:  

  •   SMC200H1/SMC201H1/SMC326H1/SMC344Y1/SMC358H1/FAH215H1/FAH216H1/FAH318H1/
  •  FAH319H1/FAH327H1/FAH328H1/FAH420H1/FAH421H1/FAH424H1/FAH492H1/NMC396Y1

And from the intensive research courses with changing topics in the fourth year:  SMC406H1, SMC407Y1, SMC435H1, SMC457H1.


5.At least 0.5 FCE from among the following: SMC406H1/SMC407Y1/SMC435H1/SMC436H1/SMC457H1/SMC490Y1

Check further details on University website

How to Apply

  • Documents must be submitted electronically via Parchment/Naviance/OUAC whenever possible. Where electronic transfer of documents is not possible, your institution must send the documents to us directly in an envelope which has been signed and sealed by the issuing institution. Do not submit hard copies of any documents which you are sending electronically.
  • You may be given the opportunity to upload your documents directly, if they cannot be sent electronically. However, uploaded documents are considered unofficial, and we reserve the right to request official transcripts.
  • AP, SAT, ACT, IB, TOEFL, IELTS, and COPE/ELDA test scores must be sent electronically.
  • Submit documents such as reference letters and resumes only if requested. Unnecessary documents will NOT be added to your file; these will be discarded and will delay the processing of your application.

Check further details on University website