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University of Queensland (UQ) Course/Program Name
Application closes on
National :30 Sep 
International :30 Nov 

BA/BSocSc History-Extended Major

 Course Level
Bachelors / UG
Full Time

4 Years
 Start month

 Tuition fee

27824 AUD
6687 AUD

Application fee

International 100 AUD
National 100 AUD
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Scores accepted
IELTS (min)6.5
TOEFL-IBT (min)87

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About this course

This dual degree program allows students to combine studies in the unique and innovative Bachelor of Social Science program with a wide range of majors in the arts. For example, foreign language studies can be combined with a major in Development. The Bachelor of Social Science teaches students how to develop strategies to help find solutions to a range of social issues at the local, national and international level.

History provides an essential framework for all the humanities and social sciences. It is an on-going dialogue between the present and the past: about how the past should be understood and interpreted, and about the meanings we should assign to the past. An informed understanding of the present and our expectations for the future go hand-in-hand with knowledge of history. The study of history further promotes the acquisition of important professional skills such as the ability to initiate an original inquiry, conduct archival research and documentary analysis and interpret evidence. At UQ, topics within this major include: Great Empires, Genocide, Global History, The Foundations of Europe and Islamic Civilisation.

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Eligibility Criteria

English language requirement:

  • At least 6.5 overall and a minimum of 6.0 in each sub-band of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or equivalent test.
  • Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange students are only required to meet the overall score (eg 6.5 IELTS or 87 TOEFL or 64 PTE( Pearson Test of English )).

Academic Requirement:

 For Australian students:

  • OP/Entry rank:11/76
  • Year 12 or equivalent English.

 For International students:

  • Year 12 or equivalent English.
  • At least 6.5 overall and a minimum of 6.0 in each sub-band of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or equivalent test. Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange students are only required to meet the overall score (eg 6.5 IELTS or 87 TOEFL or 64 PTE( Pearson Test of English )).


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Course Modules

Bachelor of Social Science:

      Part A-Compulsory:

  • ANTH1030 Anthropology of Current World Issues: An Introduction
  • POLS1102 Introduction to Politics & Public Policy
  • SOCY1050 Introduction to Sociology
  • POLS2703 Principles of Research: Social and Comparative Perspectives
  • SOCY2339 Introducing Quantitative Research
  • SOCY3329 Qualitative Social Research
  • SOSC3201 Research, Planning, and Design
  • SOSC3211 Project
  • ANTH2270 Migration, Culture, and Identity
  • POLS2402 Globalisation & International Political Economy

      Part B-Major


  • POLS1701 Introduction to International Inequality & Development
  • ANTH2060 Environmental Anthropology
  • ANTH2250 Medical Anthropology: Local and Global Perspectives
  • ANTH2260 Applied Anthropology and Indigenous Territories
  • POLS2101 Indigenous Politics & Policy
  • POLS2404 The Political Dynamics of Development and Resistance
  • POLS2603 Gender and Global Politics
  • SOCY2020 Sociology of the Environment
  • SOCY2220 Globalisation & Development in Post-Colonial Societies
  • SOSC2288 Community Development: Local and International Practices
  • ANTH3019 Development Practice & Social Impact

      Social and Public Policy:

  • SWSP1011 The Welfare of Australians
  • POLS1101 Introduction to Australian Politics
  • POLS2101 Indigenous Politics & Policy
  • POLS2201 Australian Foreign Policy
  • POLS2401 Politics & the Economy
  • POLS3102 Governance & Australian Public Policy
  • POLS3115 Environmental Politics & Policy
  • POLY1000 Australian Social Policy
  • POLY3000 Analysis and Practice in Social Policy

       Health and Society:

  • SOCY1030 Introduction to Health, Illness and Society
  • ANTH2250 Medical Anthropology: Local and Global Perspectives
  • ECON2460 Health Economics
  • PUBH1103 Health Systems & Policy
  • PUBH2004 Understanding Health Behaviours
  • PUBH3001 Health Services Planning & Evaluation
  • SOCY2179 Sex, Drugs, and Disease: Health of the Marginalised
  • SOSC2190 Human Bodies, Culture & Society
  • SOSC2288 Community Development: Local and International Practices
  • SOCY3020 Medicine, Markets and Health: Sociological Perspectives on Health and Illness

History-Extended Major:

  • HIST1201 The Australian Experience
  • HIST1400 The Medieval and Early Modern World
  • HIST1601 Turning Points in World History
  • HIST2312 The History Makers

       History of Asia and the Middle East:

  • HIST2100 China: From Empire to Republic, 1500-1951
  • HIST2101 Contemporary China: The People's Republic, Hong Kong & Taiwan since 1949
  • HIST2107 The Modern Middle East
  • HIST2119 Modern Southeast Asia: Freedom, Power and the State
  • HIST2140 Indian History and Religion Study Tour
  • RELN2300 Rituals, Priests & Kings: A History of Hinduism
  • HIST2619 Japan and the World

        Making Europe: Medieval and Early Modern History:

  • HIST2013 Medieval Study Tour
  • HIST2411 Witchcraft & Demonology in Early Modern Europe & Its Colonies
  • HIST2412 The British Isles: 1500-1700
  • HIST2416 Medieval Heresy
  • HIST2615 Age of Crusades
  • RELN2411 Western Religious Thought from the Middle Ages to the Present

       Western Modernity: the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries:

  • HIST2211 America in Film
  • HIST2245 Australians at War
  • HIST2247 The Making of Modern Australia: Society & Culture since 1901
  • HIST2407 Germany from Bismarck to Hitler (1870-1933)
  • HIST2408 Germany from Hitler to Reunification (1933-1991)
  • HIST2414 The Radical Right & Fascism in Europe
  • HIST2417 Imperial Britain: Crisis and Conflict, 1815-1945
  • HIST2707 The Anatomy of a Super Power: the US since 1945

Themes in World History:

  • HIST2030 Bodies of Knowledge: History of Science and Medicine.
  • HIST2603 Sex in History
  • HIST2611 Body, Fashion & Consumption in History
  • WRIT3613 Making History
  • HIST3616 History in Popular Culture
  • HIST3301 History of Genocide
  • HIST3302 The City in History
  • HIST3303 Trafficking Bodies from the Ancient World to the Present


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How to Apply

Applications must be lodged via the Online Application Form.Domestic applications for admission to all undergraduate programs are made online through the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC).If you are not a current Year 12 applicant, you will be asked to include details of any previous studies and any subsequent tertiary study (e.g. university or TAFE studies). If you believe your work experience is relevant to your application, please provide supporting documentation.

Check further details on University website

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