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Universidad Católica San Antonio, UCAM (Saint Anthony Catholic University) Course/Program Name
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BA Physical Activity and Sports Sciences

 Course Level
Bachelors / UG
Full Time

4 Years
 Start month

 Tuition fee

6000 EUR
6000 EUR

Application fee

International 0 EUR
National 0 EUR
Faculty of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences
Scores accepted
IELTS (min)6
TOEFL-IBT (min)79
TOEFL-PBT (min)550

About this course

At the end of the Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences you are qualified to practice as a professional in the following fields: Teaching in secondary schools and universities, Teaching in public or private sports centers, Programs of physical activity and health, Sports management, Freelance technician, Design and implementation of recreational sport and tourism, Management of sports facilities and equipment, Manager and promoter of sports companies, Sports performance coach, Director of sports teams, Sports manager, Physical training, Personal training, Design and implementation of regimes (physical exercise, diets, etc.) to promote, maintain and improve physical health.

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Eligibility Criteria

Future undergraduates in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences should be interested in the following areas of knowledge:

  • Sport and physical and sports practices.
  • Physical Education and teaching sport and physical activity.
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences applied to the practice of physical activity and sport.
  • Exercise Physiology, oriented towards health and sports performance.
  • Morphological Sciences, Biomechanics, and Ergonomics applied to physical activity and sport.
  • Organization and management of physical activity and sport.

In addition, students who choose the Degree in Physical Activity and Sport should have attention and perception skills, capacity for analysis and synthesis, thoroughness, and attention to details, visual and auditory memory, logical reasoning, a gift for abstraction, willingness to research and sport and interest in new technologies. It is also advisable that students who choose our degree have the ability to social relations and interpersonal contacts, the capacity to communicate, reason and understand, visual and auditory memory, analytical and negotiation skills, flexibility and critical sense.

Interests: Scientific, humanistic, health and society.


  • Interest in studying sport from different areas of knowledge.
  • Ability to observation and systematic listening.
  • Ability to self-observation.
  • Ability to oral and written communication.
  • Research skills.
  • Capacity for analysis, criticism and reflection.
  • Good social skills.
  • Attitudes: Responsibility, cordiality respect, empathy.

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Course Modules

1st Year

  • Historical Foundations of Sport
  • Conceptual Principles of Sport Sciences
  • Sport Psychology and Behavioral Analysis
  • Pedagogical Principles in Sport
  • Human Anatomy
  • Combat Sports and Sports Implements
  • Racket Sports
  • Ethics
  • Sports Initiative Principles
  • Individual and Collective Sports I
  • Theology and Holy Scripture
  • Dance and Physical Expression

2nd Year 

  • Sports Physiology
  • Sociocultural Principles of Sport
  • Data Analysis
  • Learning, Development and Motor Control
  • Biomechanics in Sport
  • Motor Skills and Motor Skills Games
  • Individual and Collective Sports II
  • Gymnastic Sports and Sports and Music
  • Physical Activity in the Outdoors
  • Water Sports and Board Sports
  • Bioethics
  • Theology II and Moral

3rd Year

  • Teaching and Learning Processes in Physical Activities and Sport
  • Techniques, Test and Register Tools
  • Training Methodology
  • Physical Conditioning
  • Physical Activity and Health
  • Sport Facilities and Equipment
  • Humanities
  • New Technologies Applied to Physical Activity and Sport
  • Design, Administration and Assessment of Physical Activity and Sport
  • New Technologies Applied to Physical Activity and Sport
  • Prescription of Physical Activity and Sport
  • Organization of Sport Systems
  • Social Doctrine of the Church

4th Year

  • Research Methodology in Physical Activity and Sport
  • Sport Training Control
  • Personal Training and Fitness
  • Special Needs Groups, Disability and Sport
  • Sport Planning and Management
  • Sports Recreation
  • Practicum
  • Final Degree Project

Optional Subjects

  • Games, Leisure and Recreational Sports
  • Training in Values and Olympism in Physical Activity and Sports
  • Sport Strategy, Technical and Tactical Skills
  • Sports I
  • Sports II
  • Sports III
  • Functional Recovery for Athletes
  • Economics and Marketing in Sport Management

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How to Apply

Application Procedure

Once you have validated your studies or have started the process to do so, you are ready to start the 2rd step. From now on the process becomes much more simple and flexible because you be guided directly by UCAM’s service and staff, who are now totally responsible for making it easy for you.

From April to October, you can enter here to create your personal account (without any commitment) and start the Admission request process. You will have to scan and attach some documents, but the system is really simple and intuitive:

  • Homologated documents
  • Selectividad marks/Credential UNED
  • Passport
  • Photo
  • Application Form (online)
  • Prove of payment of Admission Request Fee*
    *This amount will be discounted on your tuition fee if you are admitted and it will be returned if you are not admitted. If you make this payment and then give up on the process, you will not be refunded.

The International Student Fellowship at UCAM includes citizens from all over the world, and, for this reason, we try to encourage those excellent students, motivated to develop their personal and academic careers by offering them the best and fair recruitment procedure. In this sense, the student’s selection procedure and criteria focus the interview on the academic profile together with the student’s abilities.

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