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BA Dance

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Bachelors / UG
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3 Years
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46040 USD
46040 USD

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National 75 USD
Department of Dance
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IELTS (min)7
TOEFL-IBT (min)100
TOEFL-PBT (min)600

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About this course

The Barnard College Department of Dance, located in a world dance capital, offers an interdisciplinary program that integrates the study of dance within a liberal arts setting of intellectual and creative exploration. The major builds upon studio courses, the Department's productions at Miller Theater, New York Live Arts and other venues, as well as a rich array of dance studies courses, allowing students' creative work to develop in dialogue with critical inquiry into the history, culture, theory and forms of western and non-western performance, typically enhanced by study in other disciplines. Students work with accomplished artists whose work enriches contemporary American dance; they also study with outstanding research scholars. Making, thinking about, and writing about art are an essential part of the liberal arts education. For this reason the Department of Dance offers technique courses for students of all levels of expertise, while opening its other courses to majors and non-majors alike, who may also audition for its productions. The Department partners with cultural institutions in New York City to connect students with the professional world.

The Department of Dance is fully accredited and in good standing with the National Association of Schools of Dance.

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Eligibility Criteria

To be well-prepared for a college like Barnard, it is important to think about the academic community you are hoping to join. Barnard's general education requirements cover a wide range of subjects: literature, the social sciences, language and the arts, lab sciences, and quantitative areas. For this reason, you should acquire a strong foundation in high school, taking courses from the core academic subjects: math, science, English, history, and foreign language. Do your best to take the most rigorous classes available to you in which you can do your best work. For transfer students, our recommendations are similar. Take courses that are recommended to fulfill general requirements in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. If an area is a relative weakness, continue taking that subject while pursuing advanced coursework in areas of relative strength. Remember, we hope to see how you might contribute to our intellectual community, and your choices tell us what kind of a student you will be.

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Course Modules

Majors must complete eleven academic courses (six required, five elective) and a minimum of eight 1-point technique courses.  All majors write a senior thesis as part of their coursework.

Required courses are distributed as follows:

Dance History

The following two courses in Dance History must be completed before the fall of the senior year.

  • DNCE BC2565 World Dance History
  • DNCE BC3001 Western Theatrical Dance from the Renaissance to the 1960s

Movement Science

One course in Movement Science

  • DNCE BC 2501 Biomechanics for the Dancer: Theory and Practice
  • DNCE BC 2561 Applied Anatomy for Human Movement
  • DNCE BC 2562 Movement Analysis


One course in Composition must be completed before the fall of the senior year.

  • DNCE BC 2563x Dance Composition:  Form, Dance/Theater
  • DNCE BC 2563y Dance Composition:  Form
  • DNCE BC 2564x Dance Composition:  Content
  • DNCE BC 3565   Dance Composition: Collaboration and the Creative Process
  • DNCE BC 3566   Dance Composition: Site / Experimental

Senior Work

If you plan to write a combined thesis, you must request approval from both departments and notify the Registrar. 
All majors must do two semesters of senior work.  The following course, which culminates in a 25-30-page written thesis and an oral presentation to the Department at the end of the semester, is required of all seniors:

  • DNCE BC 3591 Senior Seminar in Dance

In addition, all majors must take one or both of the following two courses, depending on whether the senior requirement is completed with a creative project, a two-semester written thesis, or both:

  • DNCE BC 3592 Senior Project:  Research for Dance
  • DNCE BC 3593 Senor Project:  Repertory for Dance

Students who are double majors may request permission to write a two-semester combined thesis.


Five additional 3- or 4-point courses, chosen in consultation with the major advisor, are required. Electives may be chosen from among the departmental offerings listed above or below, including additional coursework in Composition, Movement Science, and/or Senior Work beyond the major requirement.


  • DNCE BC 2570  Dance in New York City
  • DNCE BC 2575 Choreography for the American Musical
  • DNCE BC 2580 Tap as an American Art Form
  • DNCE BC 3000 From the Page to the Dance Stage
  • DNCE BC 3200 Dance in Film
  • DNCE BC 3567 Dances of India
  • DNCE BC 3570 Latin American and Caribbean Dance:  Identities in Motion
  • DNCE BC 3574 Inventing the Contemporary: Dance Since the 1960s
  • DNCE BC 3575 George Balanchine and the Reinvention of Modern Ballet
  • DNCE BC 3576 Dance Criticism
  • DNCE BC 3577 Performing the Political
  • DNCE BC 3577 Performing the Political: Russian Ballet
  • DNCE BC 3578 Traditions of African-American Dance
  • DNCE BC 3580 History of Social Dancing
  • DNCE BC 3583 Gender and Historical Memory in American Dance of the 1930's to the Early 1960's
  • DNCE BC 3980 Performing the Political (seminar)
  • DNCE BC 3981 Inventing American Modern Dance: Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn
  • DNCE BC 3982 Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes and Its World


  • DNCE BC 2555 Ensemble Repertory: Modern
  • DNCE BC 2556 Ensemble Repertory: Ballet
  • DNCE BC 2557 Evolution of the Classic Spanish Dance
  • DNCE BC 2558 Tap Ensemble
  • DNCE BC 2567 Music for Dance
  • DNCE BC 3571 Solo Repertory: Performance Styles
  • DNCE BC 3572 Dance Production
  • DNCE BC 3601, 3602, 3603, 3604 Rehearsal and Performance in Dance

Overview of Major Requirements

(11 total, plus 8 technique courses)

1 Movement Science
1 Composition
2 History
1 Senior Seminar
1 Senior Project (Research in Dance or Repertory for Dance)
5 Electives
8 Technique Courses 

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How to Apply

Submit all supporting materials

  • Request that all official high school and college transcripts be sent to Barnard College along with your high school's profile. Your guidance counselor will also need to submit the School Report.
  • Submit official standardized testing. For more information, please view
  • Submit Teacher Evaluation forms. We require letters from two teachers that taught you in core academic subjects (English, foreign language, history [social science], mathematics, or science) in your final two years of secondary school.
  • Your counselor will submit the mid-year report with your first semester senior grades by March 1st via the common application.
  • Submit TOEFL or IELTS (if applicable). In addition to SAT/ACT requirements, TOEFL/IELTS scores are required for students whose primary language is not English and who have not been enrolled in a school where English is the primary medium of instruction for four consecutive years

Optional Supplemental Materials

  • Students may choose to complete an on-campus or off-campus interview. For information on how and when to schedule an interview, please visit our admissions interview page. 
  • Students may choose to submit supplementary portfolios (art—including film, photo, drawing, painting, sculpture—music, dance, theatre, or creative writing) for review via Slideroom. 
    Please note: Supplementary material will not be reviewed by Barnard faculty, and unfortunately, during high volume periods, we cannot guarantee it will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee. 

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