Non collateral Education loan processing fee discount up to 50%- #WhyPayMore? campaign

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non collateral education loan#WhyPayMore? is a limited period exclusive non collateral education loan campaign for US aspirants based on their GRE scores.

As you know, WeMakeScholars is an organisation supported under the Digital India campaign by the IT Ministry, Govt of India. The motive of this initiative is to offer study abroad aspirants with unbiased education loan support. WeMakeScholars is associated with 10+ public and private banks for offering both collateral and non collateral education loan, matching the students’ profile.

While public banks require a collateral for education loans above 7.5 lacs, there are many private banks and NBFCs who offer non-collateral education loan. Although it is preferable to go with public banks like SBI for abroad education loans, private options come handy for those who are looking for non collateral education loan.


#WhyPayMore- Upto 50% processing fee discount:

non collateral education loanCurrently, there is a processing fee campaign going on for such non-collateral education loans from private banks. It is called #WhyPayMore campaign and is exclusive to USA aspirants who apply for education loans via WeMakeScholars. Students can avail up to 50% discount in the processing fee based on their GRE scores- below 300 score can get a 15% discount on the processing fee, 300-320 scorers can get a 25% discount on the processing fee and the 320+ scorers can avail a discount of 50% on their processing fee (shown beside)



Who can avail the discount of #WhyPayMore campaign? : Non collateral education loan

  1. Students who are applying/ have applied/ received admit to US universities and are looking for an education loan.
  2. Exclusive to students who apply via WeMakeScholars


Non collateral education loan- How much max loan can be offered?

You can get up to 45 lacs non collateral education loan under this campaign.


What is the #WhyPayMore? campaign duration?

This #WhyPayMore? campaign is open from 26 September 2018 to 10 October 2018.


How to apply?

Request a callback to the WeMakeScholars team and the financial officer will guide you throughout the process. 

In case you have any doubts, please feel free to drop an email to [email protected]


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