Why should you be studying abroad?

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australia_bannerToday, I wish to tell you a story. The one I had experienced with million others. A dream I grew up in my teenage days and a wish every 20-something year old out there has been craving to fulfil. That fateful decision I took to study abroad and why it changed me once and forever?


Its all about you and have always been about you, a person who never left the confines of his own district or society and not travelled alone or lived without anyone of his own social background far in a city, away from his home country in a completely new set up and a different culture he doesn’t own even partially. So imagine yourself left in a new neighbourhood where colours are of same context but the feel is different. The people have the same emotions but the language is unknown. The thoughts are effective but coming together to make it happen is the biggest barrier to break. Facing real people, real problems amidst a thriving new city.

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And now you are here that you are forced to adopt with the new surroundings and forced to make new friends yourselves, sometimes learning a new language or even being confused over the same pattern of terms used colloquially but has a complete new definition to it. Would you start living more of yourself and finding that perfect photo moments where everything happened with your choice or had an apparent logic to follow and you don’t find that happen here over time so now that you are welcome to install a new mindset that builds you to become an intrinsic character in you to be a citizen of the world and that is one life changing event to be followed by many others.

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The change in character raises an emotional level of attachment with things and attraction to new concepts and habits. Sometimes you feel a hype over things to do and places to see but again there are days you wish you had been spending time with your own friends back in your world. Social networks keep you close but also make you feel amiss of all action happening without you. There comes your own high and low points and the cycle keeps switching with each other. Its like pulling you out of your comfort zone and forcing you into a new space and it takes some time to fill that void with people and materials and mistakes are common.

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Now all of this builds you to be a person with a substance and make you come alive out of your limitations and scopes to take charge of any situation and why not? You had been free and alone all this while making decisions for yourself. Now you dont shy away when difficult circumstances may occur to you, you feel responsible for your own actions and outcomes to follow. You blame yourself for every action taken wrong and find a way out of it. This is another change that makes you a survivor.

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You now have a new definition to life and appreciate all good things that have happened to you and also feel happy about things you have accomplished and how fate has smiled upon you from the very day you decided to make it large on your own. Made you open minded and welcome every different aspect of life that has been offered to you in a silver platter. You are now a human being and have learned to respect every inch of what has become of you and love that feeling that comes only with your life as a student abroad!

Now I have dreams, aspirations and commitments that would have never been the same if I had limited my reach day and over, never leaving the pride of my comfort zone. This is my story, a significant others share with me and maybe also you could realise some day….

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Vinay Nair likes to explore topics related to higher education and looks forward to help prospective students with queries related to their study abroad dreams.


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