Why should they Hire you?

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The most predictable question in any interview  you may attend today, tomorrow or whenever is the climax punch you get from an employer asking

“Why should we be hiring you?”

Now that’s a tricky one since you know a number of reasons to give but never know what would convince the employer.

Here we will approach such a scenario with a summary of your ideologies and we will make sure to use this question as an opportunity to grab that much needed intern-ship and close the deal. Also, not necessarily it would come just as quoted above but the variations in dialogues delivered should not be a concern to be bothered about. Just make your point clear.

The Point

Contemplate over the best of your achievements, performances in college projects or any outstanding work you celebrated over the past during college or university years. Take out the skills you actively performed to make that work a success and which helped you stand out in the crowd. Every one of us has such a moment in our life, where we know that we have performed exceptionally. Carve that experience as a success story to your employer and moderately evolve the idea to match the need of the industry. a level of manipulation which we all are sure to be good at could be made useful and keep it simple.

Its all about authenticity in your words when you express the reason at the interview. Your answer can be anything and it would be convincing if you have a supporting theory that is believable. Cut the crap. No false statements and confidence.


They should be hiring you because you are the best and prove that to them. use a comment based on a true story. Be prepared and calm.

“Good Luck is a residue of Preparation” – Jack Youngblood

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