Where did our favorite stars graduate from ?

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What do you think? An engineer, A journalist, A writer or even any other role you can think of… we have had actors who blend into and reprised each of these characters very apt in front of the cine screen that we failed to recognise who they truly were professionaly, if not an actor. Today, lets reflect back to their life about who they truly were more than even before becoming a successful star. So we ask now, Where did our favorite stars graduate from ?


ROWAN ATKINSON Where did our favorite stars graduate from

He has been known to everyone of us by his alter ego “Mr. Bean” a funny character and great performer. However, in real life he has not only proved his calibre to entertain the audience, but also a genius of sorts when it comes to engineering. He’s a graduate of Oxford University and has completed his Master of Arts in Electrical Engineering.

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Where did our favorite stars graduate from

The very charming and talented actor. He has received a Golden Globe, a BAFTA, and an Honorary César. His films have earned more than US$2.4 billion from 25 theatrical releases worldwide. He went for his BA in English Literature at Oxford University. Another top actor who graduated from the top pile.

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Where did our favorite stars graduate from

Well known for his role of a bot in Terminator series the former bodybuilder and politician literally knows his business. He completed his Bachelors in Business and International Economics at the University of Wisconsin.

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Where did our favorite stars graduate from

Here comes the Wolverine. Voted as the most Sexiest Man Alive in 2008 by People magazine, this Australian hunk combines talent with brains. He trained in journalism and earned his BA in Communications from Sydney University of Technology.

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Where did our favorite stars graduate from

No wonder The Black Swan actress and an Oscar-winner can capture the essence of the characters she plays so well. She received her BA from Harvard University in psychology in 2003. Also she has a thing for languages and speaks fluent Hebrew, French and Japanese.

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Where did our favorite stars graduate from

She is your next door girl and takes up her roles with ease and genuinity. With a triple honours in Business, Finance and Economics from Manchester Business School in United Kingdom! She has a horn to honk !!

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Where did our favorite stars graduate from

Born in Madison, Wisconsin, United States, Imran has a degree in filmmaking from the Los Angeles branch of the New York Film Academy. There we see another charm from bollywood make up for the e-list and not very surprising isn’t it ?

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Where did our favorite stars graduate from

He can be a hero to any girl but also a smart business guy. Varun who has a business management degree from Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom has a new leaf turned to reach the list of foreign bred celebrities.

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Where did our favorite stars graduate from

Randeep, the actor with a deep character and depth within his roles went to Melbourne for higher studies and has a Bachelor’s as well as a Master’s degree in business management and human resource management from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

If you wish to know about any other actor and their graduation details, ask us in the comment section below.





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