What not to expect from Scotland as a student?

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Before we go negative about a Scottish experience lets see what all could Scotland provide us, in the first place:

The Saltire or St Andrew’s Cross

1. Scotland has the highest concentration of universities in Europe with that said it has more world-class universities per capita than anywhere else in the world.

Experience The University of Glasgow whispering out for "Harry Potter" in campus

Experience The University of Glasgow whispering out for “Harry Potter” in campus

2. The Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2014/15 has four universities from Scotland feature in the top 200; Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and St Andrews.



3. Scotland is one of the most popular destination for International students seeking higher education. In fact according to official figures about 48,000 students from 185 countries study in scotland every year. Also they have the highest rates of student satisfaction in UK.

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4. 99.9% of Scottish Researchers work in disciplines where World Leading Research is taking place.

Students celebrating "Raisin Weekend"

Students celebrating “Raisin Weekend”

5. With a community celebrating its culture and social presence you are never far from retreats in University Life.

Amazing view of Scotland by the dawn.

Amazing view of Scotland by the dawn.

6.  Scotland has an amazing nightlife for students whereas majority of the Universities are based in major cities with a perfect getaway on weekend.

So, What not to expect from Scotland as a student? Absolutely Nothing!
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