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1. Find the Most Appropriate Scholarship.

This is not just a starting point but the base of everything you are going to do with an opportunity for availing a scholarship about a course of your dreams. Most of us already know which one of the scholarships are available for your particular interest and ready to put a race for it. But before we get to do that we have to be sure that we end up with the best results.

“Good Luck is a residue of preparation.” – Jack Youngblood

2. Do proper research

Start your research early. Not everyone of us are last minute heroes and also last minute changes will keep you much anxious about how bad or good your application is going to turn up. Relatively the time spent on researching over the process, the more you will be considering options to put your best. One can actively spend his time prior to an application by researching the past winners profile and match your credentials, look for limitations and plan how to overcome the problems and request information and application forms, submit it right on time and avoid disqualifications due to human error or the worst.

“Imagination is the highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein.

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3. Check your eligibility

One of the prime factors which decide your success with any application you submit is your eligibility for the said scholarship. Many a times you are not really eligible for a particular domain due to restrictions of country, academic levels, areas of interest etc to name a few.

“Failing a scholarship application due to eligibility limitations is the worst experience” – An Applicant


4. Be organized, Stay Motivated

You want to know the secret to getting well-Organised? Its “You”. You can do all of above points but cant keep track of your application and loose track of any information regarding the same is a bad case scenario you would fall in if you don’t keep up your stuffs organised. From forms to certificates, letters, supporting documents, any relevant information and ideas from mentors helping you to get the best from your applications all will be lost if you lose any vital information to put on. Keep stress out of the window by carefully planning ahead and organising the process ahead. If you need a war plan, make it consider this just like any big struggle in your life and you better excel it. Keep a folder organised with deadlines and make backup copies of almost everything and note the dates of application and results on the top of the folder for easy reference.

“Obstacles are frightful things you see when you take eyes off the goal” – Henry Ford

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5. Keep Calm and get all Information

Now you are almost done, right? No. Make sure you have all the information required with you. The best way to tackle it is to have a checklist of all things required to make a successful application. cross-check, recheck, or chuck it. Spelling mistakes, Illegible writing are some other head turners. Ask a family member or friend to proof-read the application for they may find a mistake that you just didn’t pick up. Last but the best, Provide the correct information as well as alternate contact details.

“Information is power, disinformation is abuse of power” – Newton Lee


6. Please don’t miss the deadline.

Always give yourself a grant amount of extra time and moments to think and contemplate over your application. Thinking is not a waste of time, day-dreaming is potentially one. You may need this if you’re getting your application referred by someone professionally capable of reviewing it and its always the best thing to do. Also remember that late applications are usually not considered. So try missing a deadline I dare you, I double dare you.

“Always strive to Improve yourself” – A member of scholarship panel.


7. Results?

Finally WeMakeScholars have only one piece of advice for you at this point –

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Vinay Nair likes to explore topics related to higher education and looks forward to help prospective students with queries related to their study abroad dreams.


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