5 Unusual experiences you will face after moving abroad to study

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Studying abroad has been a pool of adventure for me. The classes have imparted knowledge about the module but the lessons I have learnt from my experiences have been more nurturing. I am more tolerant, more open to changes and have unfurled many of my stigmas. I have made new friends, developed new camaraderie, adjusted to the life in Germany. Like every happy tale there were a few hardships which are involved in the journey. The past 10 months have been a roller coaster ride with many interesting experiences. What I talk about today is something that I know every student studying abroad has felt and faced at some point in his/her life.The 5 unusual experiences you will face after moving abroad:


1. You miss out on all important family events:

This is something that is understood that when you are abroad you are going to miss out on your family get together and events. You know it is bound to happen but it strikes really hard when you are unable to attend these important events; be it your parents anniversary, your brother’s graduation or your friend’s wedding. You end up enjoying the pictures and planning to make up for it when you go back home but when you are back home……..

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2. You don’t fit anymore:

The people, the place all remains the same but because of the large time gap you tend to lose the continuity and therefore you feel out-of-place. So much have had happened in that course of time that rather than filling yourself up on every detail you tend to just slide the moment. You are both curious and exhausted to acquaint yourself with the happenings of the time you were absent. It’s tedious both for you and your loved ones too.

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3. Your friends might have moved on:

Now as a person in my twenties I have come to an understanding that friends are my extended family. They have shared our sorrows and rejoiced our triumphs.They are an integral part of one’s life but after moving abroad there comes a hiatus. You will always be there for each other and love each other, still there will be those missed moments which might make it difficult for you to mend those gaps.

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4. The guilt trip:

You don’t only miss out on the happy moments but you are also not able to be for your loved ones in their times of need. You feel guilty for not been able to be their mental support in the times of distress. And owing to your incapability to do something about it, they might not even inform you sometimes. It really shattering to know the bad news after they have already been through it but you feel nothing but sorry for yourself.

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5. You are lonely when you need them:

The only thing that soothes you when you are sick is medicine and a warm hug from your mother. Nothing is more effective in cheering a sad soul than a loving caress.  When you are drained out of energy and exhausted by popping pills you crave for the warmth of your loved ones to get you back on your feet. Few of us are lucky to have made friends who tend to become our family abroad but aforementioned feeling can never be compensated.


Now these points do not imply that I hate being abroad or it is all sad and pathetic but these are the few perils which might hit you sometimes. You should know that you are not the only one who is going through this.





Please share your experience and also comment if you came across something similar to this.

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