Cooking while studying abroad: The art of cooking made fun and easy

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cooking while studying abroad: Indian dishes

Are you an Indian studying abroad or planning to study abroad and have no idea on how to cook or, are you culinarily challenged or, are you just bored of the same old recipes and want to try something new and delicious? Then this article might help you in cooking while studying abroad.

Why should you learn cooking?

If you are someone who is not into cooking, you might ask this question. Living in a new country will make you miss your home food, “especially maa ke haat ka khaana”, and challenges your cooking skills. Especially, with the shoestring budget, your culinary talents are put to a test. Cooking while studying abroad not only saves you money, but it also makes you creative, independent and brings many friends into your life. Missing desi snacks like Chaat and Pani Puri will make you go crazy and compel you to learn cooking while studying abroad. 


Two friends/roommates, Lakshmi Ashwin and Meghana Chaudhary Joshi, share their cooking experiences abroad, in the book Roomies/Foodies: Fun ‘n Easy Cooking For Desi Students Abroad, which has various recipes that are yummy, affordable and easy to cook. You can learn many things about cooking from basics to a quickie party menu.

Meghana was the first one to arrive in the US. She enjoyed living in the old townhouse on 139 Heath street and exploring the neighborhood. Lakshmi, a graduate student in Molecular Biology, when she first arrived in the US, had no idea on how to cook. But Meghana was thrilled about cooking and she made egg-fried rice with mushrooms on the day Laksmi arrived, which made Laksmi worry about her cooking skills. Being a scientist, she quickly adapted to the art of cooking and both of them started experimenting with the recipes. They followed their instincts in proportions instead of exact measures. They developed the ability to make any dish in no time with whatever they can get their hands on.

They used to invite friends of different nationalities for dinners and trained new students on cooking.

Going to a supermarket for groceries, which is both affordable and not far was kind of fun and challenging to both of them.

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Why is the book handy?

  1. ‘Roomies/Foodies’ has the best recipes for cooking while studying abroad.
  2. The interesting thing about this book is it has an equipment glossary which gives you a list of kitchen items and explains their use.
  3. It also has the list of ingredients and methods of  repeated procedures in the Appendix.
  4. Using ‘Roomies/Foodies,’ you can plan day-to-day meals or get-together menus with ease.
  5. The best part of the book is that it can be used by meat-lovers or Vegetarians or Vegans.
  6. It has a handy chart that lists the substitutes for meat that can be used by Vegetarians and Vegans.
  7. ‘Roomies/Foodies’ also helps you in utilizing leftovers of the main dish and its ingredients.
  8. It provides you with tips for saving time and money at the end of each recipe.
  9. This book has a wide variety of recipes ranging from simple dishes like soup, upma to complex dishes like Bruschetta .
  10. ‘Roomies/Foodies’ also has a list of grocery items that you can maintain in your kitchen at all times.

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cooking while studying abroad: Desi at heart

I hope this article convinced you to buy ‘Roomies/Foodies’. This book is something you ought to carry if you love cooking while studying abroad. ‘Roomies/Foodies’ will allow you to eat food that suits your palates without hurting your bank accounts. It can be used by anyone with a weakness for Indian food.  In short, it is a go-to guide for all the Indians abroad who miss Indian food. If you are living abroad or planning to go abroad then I would strongly recommend you to buy this book.


Buy the paperback copy or add it to kindle for free

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