8 Reasons Why Studying Abroad Will Make You Smarter

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studying abroad will make you smarter

Studying abroad will make you smarter!! Still wondering whether you should study abroad or not? Feeling over puzzled? You don’t have to. Let’s talk about 8 reasons why you should definitely go for it today, now, right now.


You will learn how to be super independent

If you happen to be living with your parents lately, you will soon find a lot of small things challenging you  all of a sudden. Have ever done your own shopping for food? Have you ever cooked, washed, ironed and vacuum cleaned in your life? Do you know how to economize and create daily, weekly, monthly and annual budgets? If no, then do not worry. When you go abroad to study, you will have no choice but learn how to run your own house and life step by step slowly but surely.

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You will get more tolerant

Perhaps, this is one of the best things you will learn when you study abroad. You will see that even though our world is getting globalized day by day things are way too different. Different people think, work and live life in a shockingly different way than you might expect. Like for example, a couple of years ago when I was living in Dubai I was shocked when a Chinese friend gave me a “packet of crisps”. When I opened, it was a packet of fried and pickled chicken fingers … oh …yes with nails on the fingers.

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You will learn different perspectives

You will soon find a lot of people disagreeing with you and that’s the beauty of studying abroad, you know. Back in your country you might have grown in a society where one nation, culture, lifestyle and mentality dominated over the others and as a result you might have found it extremely difficult and sometimes impossible to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Studying abroad will definitely give you a unique opportunity to see other’s perspectives to life and find your unique side at the end.

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You will become much better communicator

Did you just say you know English very well? When you go abroad to study, don’t worry everyone will know and speak English very well. However, the way people think, understand, digest and read your mind can be totally different. At some point, it can make you even feel exhausted and think that your companion is nobody but an idiot. The funny thing is that they might also think of you the same way. So that’s why be patient, communicate as much as you can. The benefits are obvious and that’s the beauty of studying abroad.

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You will learn a new language

I will be honest with you. Even though I lived in Dubai where most of the people speak Arabic I know zero Arabic. But a lot of my friends learned or improved their Arabic because they lived in Dubai. My employer from Russia actually spoke perfect Arabic, in fact. When I was free and hanging out with my colleagues many of them picked up basic Russian words and expressions from me as well. For whatever reason most of them used to think I was Russian and from Russia which was kind of funny because I am not. Anyway, you got the point, right?

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You will grow your network

After working in Dubai for two years, can you imagine how rich is my professional network today? I have friends from India, China, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Russian, UK, Mexico, Canada, USA and ohho … the list goes on. If I need any help these people will always be ready to lend me their helping hand and be my local guide if I wish to travel to their location – be it on a professional or personal capacity.

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You will finally see the media bias

If you follow news reports in your country, you will soon realize that international media is so bias. For example, before I lived in Dubai I had been reading Arguments & Facts published in Moscow. And most of the time I used to sense that almost all of their reports and articles would try to suggest that the West was a bad guy. When I came to Dubai and lived there for two years I used to read Gulf News most of the time they used to suggest that the West and Russia are bad guys. On the other hand, if you watch CNN, BBC and Euronews you will understand that they try to say that the Middle East, Russia, and China are bad guys. All of this will help develop a more analytical mindset step by step. But you should question everything.

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You will learn how to deal with culture shock

This will help you adapt to life abroad much faster next time you travel out of your country. For example, I remember when I was living in Dubai back in 2006, I was culturally shocked many and many times. One day I was at Starbucks and suddenly saw two guys in the back area joking and then throwing pieces of bread to each other. For me that’s was something that I could not get through my mind because back in my country when there is a piece of bread on the floor we usually pick it up, kiss, rub to our eyes and put it safely away.





Do you agree with us? Will studying abroad make you smarter a person? Let us know what you think in the comments section below:

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