3 common problems I faced while planning to study abroad

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Finding a scholarship that meets your every need is a difficult match to find. You may spend ample time with Google, searching through websites, trying to find the best option and sort out the priorities based on three main factors, University Requirements, Financial hurdles & Accommodation problems.

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Problem No.1: Reputable Universities Requirements

The main and most difficult part of scholarship dilemma is trying to meet the university requirements that you are aiming to apply for. Here are the common requirements you need to fill in;

  • Student must be a senior in high school.
  • Student must have maintained between a 2.0 and 3.0 GPA throughout his or her final two years in high school.
  • Student might be asked to enter some intensive interviews and tests; IQ quizzes, essays, and other general knowledge checks.
  • Student should be a relatively trouble-free last few years, but if he/she is in and out of the office or jail, the application will be refused.
  • Regarding the financial aid; student must demonstrate a genuine need for these funds.

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Problem No.2: Financial Aid


Usually universities offer financial aids for the best students out there, which is good for these students. However, there are many other students with lower grades, lower GPA’s who are interested in scholarship too; these students might need to pay part of the tuition.

Another problem is that the major you are specialized in, might not be free of charge; whether you pay for it or try to find another option.

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Problem No.3: Accommodation and Social Anxiety


Leaving your country for the sake of education is a big step especially for the Middle-Eastern girls; trying to find home, make friends, get used to the environment and culture. Regarding the accommodation, you can check with the university you are applying for whether they offer hostels for their student or not, whether it’s free of charge or not. While to relieve your social anxiety, you have to get used to your new place, make friends and connections.


Last but not least, the best advice is is to never lose hope in finding the right scholarship. Never stop learning, make it the main goal in your life and keep moving forward, no matter what. Learning deserves effort, time and money but it’s worth it!




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Mai Allam is a Senior Digital Account Executive and Social Media Account Manager working with Tribal DDB Cairo, Egypt. She is a passionate blogger and a social media expert for WeMakeScholars


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