My next big step after Bachelors.

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With a bachelors degree in hand you feel much achieved and out of a very important phase of life where you peek at educational and knowledge levels. There is a level of confidence within you to think about what next? and this is when you face with a multidimensional dilemma about taking a wise decision.


What are the odds of getting employment in my chosen field of interest with a Bachelor’s degree?

At this point, we all know why and how we chose a field 3-4 years back. It could be due to a number of reason maybe following a trend, a subject of interest, the passion or curiosity and the scope of life after completing the course. But today the world is so quick with bringing trends and replacing standards with new ideas that our field of interest finds much deep roots in a different case or field that we feel more inclined towards it or maybe when we have reached the threshold of limit with a subject while it has just expanded in itself with open strings to connect with. 

Look into your competition and growth profile, These are the two factors that influence your further decision about employability. If you wish to get a head start with your career the right choice is to get employed right now. In this case you can develop skills with your work life and in 5 years time down the line you would be a better professional than any in your profession. team it up with hard work you could sky rocket your growth with early promotions and upgrades.

Another case is where you wish to develop a particular skill set required for your field and narrow your profile to concentrate on one thing and be the best on it. A Masters profile may give you a jump start compared to a position opening with bachelors but at the same time you could be well prepared to face any scenario in work life with much confidence and deeper insights about the scenario.

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What are the Employer standards when it comes to recruiting graduates with a Bachelor’s degree?

Whom do you love to work for ABC or XYZ? Now I know ABC is A Big Company and XYZ has Xcellent Yearly (S)tandards. When ABC recruits bachelors in their office, XYZ believes in Masters and precise profiles. Both have good growth but different work standards. which one could better suit you and how could you grow better in their ways are things you can think about when you are focused about where you wish to reach 10 years from now.

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My eligibility and need of taking a Master’s degree course as the next phase!

Are you eligible to follow up with a masters further or will, that step lead you into falling with a complete new world taking up a different career choice, we have many times heard of stories of the next door kid doing a Bachelors in IIT and going abroad for an MBA in Harvard but becoming an wildlife photographer after all his life’s work. Its inspiring in a way but would be more impressive if you can believe in yourself today then compromising on your choices tomorrow.

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Can I subsequently take a Master’s degree course after obtaining initial work experience?

Now this could be a wise choice to make if you are a determined person. Most among us are driven by money when it comes to leading a life and dreams could take a back seat. If you think you could switch back to be a student 2 years later at a point of time when you feel much settled and enjoying life. So the tagline is to ask yourself whether you would love to start over? (Its never too late for anything!)

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Scope of building a Start-up and chasing your own dreams?

World today is altogether a different place now, Your choices have become broader and more resources available than any time to pick up from and grow with influential ideas. When there is a necessity there could be an invention. This is not just the world of a “chaiwala” becoming the Prime Minister or a person from a village becoming the most successful business tycoon in a country. Its also the world of young entrepreneurs making the impossible happen. Your Choice!





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Vinay Nair likes to explore topics related to higher education and looks forward to help prospective students with queries related to their study abroad dreams.


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