7 mistakes of college life I could have easily avoided

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mistakes of college life



1. Trying your best with helping everyone was my first mistakes of college life

I was guilty of this and still am. I loved so much that I wanted everyone to experience the same transformation I experienced. If I wanted something new, I tried it first and was in a hurry to get everyone else on board.

This is a very good thing except that it is tiring. Not only is it exhausting; it is also very ineffective.

You cannot take people from where they are to where you think they should be if they aren’t aware of an existing gap.

People need to come to an intentional conclusion that change is needed, without which they won’t function optimally. And until they do that, keep feeding yourself with knowledge and seek to empty yourself into willing vessels (people) that are willing to grow…with you.

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2. The myth about being perfect over everything was another mistakes of college life

You just aren’t satisfied with the results you have, are you? But here’s the truth: no one starts out perfect.

There is no such thing as a perfect assignment, a perfect job, or the perfect outcome. You will have shortcomings and you will learn to love them.

You will make mistakes and you will learn to laugh at your silliness. If not, you will soon learn that you cannot survive the harsh climate called life and its lessons.

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3. Lack of Confidence at the right time

Let me tell you a secret. I’m not that confident. But I know that I can’t be who I want to be without anchoring myself to this truth daily.

My faith is my anchor. You need to find an anchor for your confidence. Your confidence or lack of shouldn’t come from your perception of the competition in the marketplace.

Every place, nook and cranny, stage and microphone has been designed for you. Yes, you.Your skills, talents, and experiences have prepared you for this moment.

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4. Being very obsessed about impressing others.

Never obsess over a manufactured image. Yes, you want to put your best foot forward and make everyone fall madly in love with you. But not at the expense of your soul and substance.

You don’t have to speak with an accent that’s not yours. Don’t try to be the next suit-wearing, monotone speaking consultant. You have the best image there is; YOU + your gifts, and these are the only things you need to project to the world. But please don’t be a bully.

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5. Feeling Lonely

Not having friends who share the same vision/passion/entrepreneurial/serving spirit with you is very damaging to your spirit and drive. It is a very lonely journey and you will feel drained before you can celebrate any win.

Rather, surround yourselves with people who are on the same wavelength you’re on. Get into masterminds with your college friends if you’re having a hard time transitioning into the real world. Rock the boat with risk takers, those who believe that failing once, twice, or thrice is okay as long as you don’t give up.

Kick loneliness to the curb. Identify your cheerleaders and find what makes you smile for the cameras (even when the cameras are absent!).

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6. Lack of Servitude

One of the silliest mistakes you can make as a new leader is refusing to serve others.

Yes, you have been called to lead. Yes, you have been chosen for such a time as this. But until you learn to lead from the trenches, you will not appreciate the journey to the top.

An erroneous belief that has been floating around the Internet is that “If you don’t build your dream somebody else will hire you to build his/hers.”

VERY wrong. When you help build somebody else’s empire, you lay the foundation for yours. The joy is greater when you can build a list of case studies where you outperformed your peers before you even started.

Your service to others does not end with your school project at the food or homeless shelter. You have been blessed with the opportunity to positively influence every soul that you encounter.

Don’t wait until you have been given a stage. Don’t wait to inherit the stage of your mentor. Serve, lead, and wait upon people from where you are right now.

Your promotion is directly tied to servitude. No one is interested in serving a leader who is ignorant of the people he/she leads.

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7. Trying to be Invisible

When I embraced my desire to build a lifestyle and business that changes lives, I wanted to crawl into a hole. I didn’t want others to see me, quote me, or find out that I used to be a certain person or have a certain personality.

However, I had grown in leaps and bounds. I had learned that with great knowledge and skills come great responsibilities. But I was afraid others wouldn’t see it. So I hid my gifts and talents.

You do yourself a great disservice if you limit your influence to the four walls of your bedroom and your laptop. The change that you seek to make will not happen by tapping away at your keyboard–it begins with a first step into the unknown.

These are some of the mistakes that I made while starting out of college, and I’m sure I am not the only one.




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