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Winning a scholarship to study in the beautiful city of Paris sounds like a far-fetched dream. Nivetha Krishnamurthy has managed to achieve that dream through the MIEM scholarship to pursue her Masters at the Paris Descartes University and today shares the MIEM scholarship tips. What’s more, she appreciates the work of WeMakeScholars for our encouragement and support to students. Here’s what she has to share about her achievement.


What is the MIEM scholarship? Could you please tell us more about it?

MIEM is a scholarship provided by Paris Sorbonne university to the eight sub universities. It is for non French students.

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Could you please give us some valuable inputs from the application process?

The process is simple. Each institution, according to their own globalization objectives, proposes a list of 1 to 5 Master courses that they wish to develop on an international scale (notably prospective and current international students). In addition, each institution proposes a complementary list of 1 to 5 Masters courses. Students can apply to the programme on their institution’s website.

Each institution determines its own criteria for the scholarship selection. These will be subject to special monitoring (guidance)

Institutions will give scholarships in installments made over the course of the two years of study. Once the student is selected in the first round, he/she is invited to the second round of selection. During this stage of the application, the CV and Statement of Purpose has to be submitted. The selection is based on academic achievements.

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How does this scholarship help you in realizing your academic dream?

Financial independence is the basic expectation of every student going to study abroad. If someone offers you 1000 euros per month and an amazing student room for that whole year, it would be very motivating. It makes you to concentrate more on studies. These things happened to me.


What made your application stand out from the others?

Last year I did my internship through Charpak Internship Program in a highly reputed University of Paris (Ecole centrale Paris). This made my application stand out from the others’. My academic score played an equivalent role as well.

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What is the one big change this scholarship has brought to your life?

I am more confident than ever now and this scholarship has inspired me to work harder. I can now concentrate on my studies rather than worrying about part time work


Could you please share few MIEM scholarship tips with our audience?

Here are few MIEM scholarship tips I would like to share:

  • Be confident in selecting the course and institute.
  • Make your CV equivalent to other country students.
  • Strongly mention your future educational plans after your master’s programme and how this master programme will help you to achieve your goals.
  • Write a good sop and make use of WeMakeScholars blog


Nivetha was also previously featured on WMS when she won the Charpak Summer Internship at France.

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