My journey from a small town to Wisconsin Madison

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WeMakeScholars interviewed another scholar, Ramesh Govindarajan doing his MS in Electrical Engineering form University of Wisconsin Madison who explained his step by step method with admissions to the famed university which can be a representative of any application process to the top US Universities.


Necessity for Admissions to University

Documents required – I would recommend having your GRE and TOEFL scores configured to be sent or ready to be sent with the universities at the time of requirement, along with 3 Letter of Recommendations, Statement of purpose, Bank Statement, etc..

Traction – Having this documents set and organised will be helpful, also keep track of your proposals. it would help you in the long run to keep a separate folder in mails and drives to have a quick access at any point of time.

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Eligibility requirements and parameters

The usual requirements for University of Wisconsin-Madison by GRE is about more or less about 310 figure, which is by far a normal requirement and also a TOEFL score at average. Decent GPA around 7.5 or more would be a good number to impress, Make sure your LOR is written by an authority

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Important tips while applying

Most importantly keep a good overall profile while applying. Allow only important points and achievements to be updated. Start early and apply early. Start search by June and finish applying by the same month by October at the latest. It is easier to get admits in lot of universities if you apply early. As we know its always beneficial to be an early bird.

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Step-by-step process.

1. Give GRE, TOEFL tests at least 6 months before applying to allow time for other things

2. Apply early. As we know its always beneficial to be an early bird.

3. Contact professors to work under them. Don’t ask for funding/RA right away.

4. Go to the university few weeks early and meet professors and look for funding opportunities.

Financial opportunities (TA/RA)

I have a TA. TAs get $550 – $1600 a month depend on the amount of work.

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Job prospects and other influences.

UW Madison has a very good career fair and good job opportunities. Doing an internship or co-op during the masters will really help a lot in landing a good job.

Well I hope this tips would help you work with your applications easily and provide you with good confidence in the whole process and also wish you the best with everything UW Madison.

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Vinay Nair likes to explore topics related to higher education and looks forward to help prospective students with queries related to their study abroad dreams.


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