8 aspects of an internship that only an employer can explain

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Internships is a great way to gain real-world experience while figuring out “what-in-the-heck” you want to do with your life and where you want to take your career.  WeMakeScholars Team has been very happy running with a bunch of interns working hard to get the world going for our users. Each and every one of them has something to add on to the company and with them we would like to tell you what we expect from any Intern.


1. Confidence is very vital for any internship

Its very easy to recognise a face full of nervousness wrecking. Its not very amusing to the interviewer as well. Self confidence plays a vital role in your selection process. Sometimes nervousness can be a good thing – it shows that you want to make a good impression and that you care. But it can also distract the interviewer from your true personality. So be confident and relax!


2. Do your research before making the first move

Ever hear the saying “a little bit goes a long way”? It rings true in an interview. Research the company and make sure you understand what it does – show that you know a bit about what the business has been up to recently, like big wins or something that sticks out as interesting or appealing. This is a great way to connect with your potential employer and coworkers.

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3. Don’t let inexperience discourage you

You’re looking for an internship with a reason, right? You want to gain experience. Don’t be discouraged even if this is an interview for your first internship. Everyone has to start somewhere. Focus on the experience you’ve gained in your classes and connect it to real life. Be clear about what you’re hoping to learn from an internship and relay that to your interviewer. Now you’ve nailed the interview and that internship is yours (remember, confidence!), take advantage of every opportunity you can. Believe in your potential to make the best out of your experience at place. This may involve taking some risks and coming out of your comfort zone.

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4. Ask questions if needs to be

No one is expecting you to know everything, so ask lots of questions. You’re there because you want to learn about the company and the industry in which it operates. Sure everyone is busy, but they’ll be happy to help you and walk through things. They’ve probably been in your shoes before.


5. You’re going to make mistakes…

And that’s okay. Sometimes we learn more from the things that go wrong than when everything goes our way. Take every error and make it a learning experience. Chances are, you won’t want to make that mistake again and will remember it the next time.

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6. Don’t miss out on any opportunity

If you’re offered a chance to speak about your opinions about work, dont chicken out. If it has come to you, then it is probably because your employer thinks that your words, matter to them. Don’t worry about making some mockery of yourself by saying irrelevant stuff. It gets very fine with the inputs you provide. Even a small point counts. Don’t let any opportunities pass you by. This is one of the things that will build your résumé for future opportunities and jobs. You’ll take away some real life experience that will set you apart.


7. Make sure you network with the team.

Make friends and connections during your internship. These are the people who will vouch for you in the future and connect you to potential employers. Whether you’re showing off the latest and greatest gadget or catching up on last night’s Game of Thrones, network with your coworkers. Just because you may be the rookie, doesn’t mean you can’t teach them a thing or two. In Fact, we all learn from your mistakes and errors about things that may or could get wrong.

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8. And finally: enjoy it!

Take your internship seriously but don’t get so stressed that you can’t have fun. Soak up the experience and learn everything you can. Who knows – you might even be offered a full-time position. Internships are at the very least invaluable experience – and at best, they can act as a springboard that launches your career. 

Now, go out there & get that foot in the door – I am rooting for you

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