Crucial information on applying to DAAD WISE fully funded working Internship

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information on applying to DAAD WISE

Are you an undergraduate student considering opportunities for a fully funded Working Internship in Science and Engineering (WISE) in Germany?

DAAD-WISE is a great opportunity for undergraduate students who want to develop their research expertise, professional skills and international experience. Each year between May and July, DAAD provides funding opportunities for top-ranked applicants to do research at German higher education institutes. WISE interns participate in a 2 to 3 month research internship under the supervision of their independently selected professors of German universities, work with research associates and graduate students, and experience an unparalleled educational, social and international exposure the WISE offers.

Here is a guide to every information on applying to DAAD WISE fully funded working internship.



Application deadline for DAAD-WISE 2016 is November. Apply here



Indian undergraduate students from selected institutes in the fields of Engineering, Mathematics and Science, who are in their fifth or sixth semester of a Bachelor program or in their fifth, sixth, seventh or eighth semester of an integrated or a dual program.
Applicants must have:

  • Aggregate marks of 85 % and above or CGPA 8.5 / 10 and above of completed semesters at the time of application
  • Status as a registered student at his/her institution
  • Very good English language proficiency (German language skills are not mandatory)
  • A valid passport and Indian nationality at the time of application
  • Acceptance cum invitation letter from a German professor for the internship (The applicants have to independently search for a German professor/guide who can supervise their research internship)

Students who have previously availed this opportunity are not eligible to apply.

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  • Applications are solicited from August to November each year.
  • By the beginning of February, Applicants are shortlisted based upon their academic achievements and research interests.
  • May-July: Selected applicants undergo a 2-3 month internship at a German home institute of their choice. Internships of less than two months duration are not supported.


What does DAAD-WISE offer?

  • A monthly scholarship of 650 euros for participants (the monthly installment are calculated on a daily basis, i.e. 21.70 euros per day)
  • A lump sum travel subsidy of 550 euros
  • Payments towards health, accident and personal liability insurance covered by DAAD
  • Participation in a meeting of DAAD scholarship-holders in Germany

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  • Duly filled online application form (The application procedure occurs online through the DAAD portal.
  • You are also required to send one copy of the “Application Summary”, which is generated in the DAAD portal after the online application procedure has been completed, and a reference from an Indian university teacher by post to the application address)
  • Full curriculum vitae
  • DAAD (form) Certificate of Enrollment filled in by home institution as proof of current enrollment
  • DAAD (form) No Objection Certificate filled in and stamped by home institution
  • Invitation letter of German supervisor
  • DAAD form Approval Form by German Host filled in by German supervisor
  • Recent reference from Indian university teacher which provides information about the applicant’s qualifications (please find the form in the DAAD application portal)
  • University degree certificates indicating final grade(s)






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