How to Save Money on Accommodation as a Student

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how to save money on accommodation

Heading to university this year? Here are a few tips to help you save on accommodation as a student.

Whether you are a freshman or sophomore, junior or senior, I’m sure you’ll acknowledge the fact that accommodation charges are a bitter pill to swallow. After tuition fees, the one thing that manages to ingest a large proportion of your semester is the accommodation charges. Here’s the picture: a paltry semester loan/scholarship stipend wheezes into your back account a week or two late, the money is split, essentials (food, drinks, laundry) are covered, and by the time you make plans for hanging out with friends on the leftover money, rent shows up like a Candy Crush request. And before you know it, you are broke again. Here are a few handy tips on how to save money on accommodation as a student?


Live on Campus

If you’re moving to an unfamiliar place, you should be on the lookout for accommodation on university halls. However, university halls are reserved on first-come first-serve basis due to limited number of accommodations available. Therefore, it’s wise to check university housing during enrollment. All university halls are not equal. There are traditional run-down dorms where you have to pat the shower a few times before it runs, and then there are catered suite rooms with luxurious budding. And there’s a dramatic price difference between the two. Since you’re looking up how to save on accommodation, I can fairly assume that catered suite rooms are a far cry from your semester budget. But do you really need catering? I know I can live without it. Also, it doesn’t hurt to share showers, for you are at university, and you can handle it, right?

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Stay away from Letting Agencies

Letting agencies seems to be the only way out after you try to but can’t get accommodation “on campus”. But here’s an advice, Stay away from them! You have an internet? You can always look up for student-friendly rooms nearby your campus. There are a number of sites that help you find ‘For Rent’ private rooms nearby. You can save an extra hundred dollars consultation fee of the letting agencies if you shake good hands with Google.

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Become a Lodger

Do you want a home away from home? Become a lodger! You’ll be renting a room in a home with a nice landlord to complain to if anything goes wrong; like your shower doesn’t work or hot water runs cold. If you’re lucky enough, you might even get catering service included. As a lodger, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn about the local people, make some new friends.

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Go for Bills Included

When renting an apartment, go for bills included. You already have enough on your plate when you’re in university. You don’t want utility (TV, Electricity, Gas) bills showing up on your door every month. Houses with bills-inclusive rents can seem a little expensive, obviously, the landlord will try to keep his bank accounts healthy or he wouldn’t offer a deal. But as it turns out, students can get a fair deal on bills-inclusive rents since they don’t have to rent a whole house.

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Sharing is ‘Saving’

When it comes to student housing, sharing isn’t caring, it’s saving. Imagine living alone away from your home paying all the rents and bills by yourself, and ending up broke at the mid of each month, sounds horrible doesn’t it? You can avoid this trouble by sharing your room with someone else. You can split the rent, and who knows you might end up friends with your roomie. In university, you can always find people of your likes. Look for ‘Share an Apartment’ notes or put one up yourself.





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