How is Australia for Higher studies?

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10 facts of studying in Australia

So you decided to study in Australia because you want to see Sydney Opera House, take a selfie with kangaroos or witness changing colors of Uluru?

Boring? Let me tell you 7 best reasons on how is Australia for Higher studies.


#1 Australian universities are some of the best

Australia is the third most popular student destination in the world and university ranking system is # 9. This is ahead of Germany, New Zealand and Japan. If you are looking for scholarship opportunities, Australian Government invests 200 million USD on International Scholarships. Australian universities are also featured among the top 50 best universities worldwide. This is one of the prime reasons for choosing Australia for Higher studies

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#2 Australian cities are some of the most livable

Take time and just Google “best cities of the world”. You will see that Perth is # 9, Sydney is # 7, Adelaide is # 6 and Melbourne is # 1 best city in the world to live in according to The Telegraph. Areas such as healthcare, education, stability, culture, environment and infrastructure are at the top level. Threat of international terrorism is in its lowest level.


#3 Culture in this country is just amazing

Australia is one of the most cosmopolitan places of our world today. It offers a vibrant mixture of various cultures, cutting edge tech ideas and booming arts performances across the country. You will not see people looking bored, tired, overworked and frustrated. Hey don’t forget to smile :)

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#4 You can work after graduation

Here comes the most important answer to many of you. If you happen to study in Australia using your own personal funds then this country has some good news. After graduation you can apply for special work visa and legally work in one of the Australian cities for period of 18 months. This will not only help you get back what you have previously invested but also put your knowledge, skills into practice and build a network of professionals in your field.


#5 Getting a visa is not that hard as you thought

Unlike the US, Canada, the UK and countries in the EU, getting a visa to Australia can be quite easier and less risky because if you apply for Advanced Diploma (Higher Education), Bachelor degree or Masters by coursework then you are eligible to something called ‘Streamlined Visa Processing’. Streamlined Visa Processing means that you will be treated as a low immigration risk applicant regardless of what country you may come from.

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#6 The weather is just awesome

It is funny when it comes to Australian weather. For example, when it is summer in my country (Uzbekistan) it is winter in Australia. Starting from December to February it is summer, March to May is autumn, June to August it is winter and September to November it is spring. Climate is most of the year is warm but it may vary due to the size of the continent.


#7 Shared economy is booming

In shared economy you don’t have to own the certain things yourself. For example, if you are a low budget student in Australia, you can use services such as Car Next Door to borrow a car on an hourly or daily basis. If you hate cars, then you might want to check out Melbourne’s Bike Share services where you can borrow a bicycle on a daily, weekly and yearly basis. If you are fed up working on your coursework sitting in coffee shops, libraries and home alone, then you must definitely try coworking centers such Hub, for example.

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Are you planning to go to Australia for Higher studies or have already graduated from an Australian university? Feel free to share your experiences here.


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