I bet you will turn your head reading this.

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We are all into a moment in our life when we quote something very much sensible or think of the apparent logic into our social surroundings, These quotes never make it to the A-List of Inspirational quotes or even the true sense it makes out when it happens exactly like how we think. Anyways we have compiled a list of thoughts and quotes we all could relate to at some point of time in our life as Student.


1. Final Year History Class Student as he defines:



2. Every student in their school year has this experience to relate with



3. A Mathematics Major as he contemplates:



4. Second Year Biotechnology Student as confused as ever.



5. A Third Year Physics student just before his assignment submissions:



6. Final Year practising Medical student back to his/her hostel.



7. A Software Engineering student mad at his codes



8. An Arts Student poking fun at every one of them.


Do Make sure you are sharing this post with someone who has an urge to get their funny bone tickled. Dedicated to a student in you.

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Vinay Nair likes to explore topics related to higher education and looks forward to help prospective students with queries related to their study abroad dreams.


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