Vidhya Ramaswamy speaks out her experiences at University of Florida

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Our team at WMS interviewed Vidhya Ramaswamy doing her PhD in Materials Engineering from the University of Florida to get more first hand information on the basis of her journey she undertook to get admittance to the University of her choice.


1. What necessary documents should be ready in advance before applying for US Universities?

I would recommend considering the most important documents to be the GRE scores and TOEFL scores kept handy so as to be sent to the universities at the time of application, apart from that 3 Letter of Recommendations, Statement of Purpose &  Bank Account Statement with your resume, and marksheets to be ready as relevant.

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2. Can you briefly comment on the admission requirements at your university?

The university requires you to have a GRE score above 310, TOEFL 110+ and an average GPA score of 7.5 and above.


3. Important tips to consider to get admit in your university and when to start search for good US Universities (e.g. Jul-Nov)

Its better to start early with the application process as any delay is circumstantial. Also, consider looking at the individual research groups of interest as well as the overall quality of the university. Please avoid selection of universities merely based how easy it is to get an admit.


4. Can you briefly list down steps you followed to get through and your personal experience in detail?

1. Give the GRE & TOEFL tests at least 6 months before you start applying so as to give you ample amount of time for due processes.
2. Shortlist universities (Tip – Try to choose and apply by categorising them between Safe, Moderate & Ambitious choices)
3. Apply early to save time on the processing and avoid deadline pressures.
4. Keep an updated copy of resume ready with all relevant information and if need to be get it checked from others.
5. Contact professors in order to work with them. Don’t ask for funding/RA right away.
6. Go to the university few weeks early and meet professors and look for funding opportunities. You can also visit the university page for further information and details.

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5. Are you funded? Do you receive any Teaching assistantship (TA) or RA? If yes, Can you disclose an approximate amount?

I had a TA and RA already in place. You could apply for one if required. Details are available online.


6. How is job prospect after masters and does any prior experience matter?

Prior experience is definitely helpful. But the performance in graduate school also matters. Get involved and be pro-active. Job prospects are dependent on the field you choose so talk to someone in your field before you pick.

You are most welcome to share your experiences if you had an opportunity to study abroad at US or other universities! Use the comments section below:





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