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titleHaving an excellent location in the middle of the world has given Egypt many advantages throughout the years like unique history and culture, excellent weather all year round and many more. The worldwide interest in Egypt is mostly because of the previously mentioned reasons “History and weather”. But, what you would not know as an international student considering various countries to pursue post graduation is that there are different post graduate programs taking place in Egyptian universities in cooperation with some of world’s leading universities that give you the chance to explore a multicultural environment, Egyptian uniqueness and build your career. In this article, we will  discuss some of the international programs taking place in Egypt briefly and further articles about Higher education in Egypt in general and “Egypt for post graduation” in particular, will give you a comprehensive picture of Egyptian post graduation opportunities. .


Technical university of Berlin in Egypt

If you want to study in a German university, you go to Germany. But in Campus El Gounna, you will study in Egypt. In 2012 a unique public-private partnership was established in El Gouna city over the Red sea in Egypt by establishing a scientific and academic field office of Technical university of Berlin.
Campus El Gouna is offering three master programs and they are Master of Science in Energy Engineering, Master of Science in Urban development and Master of Science in Water Engineering. Each is a two years program where students study one semester in Germany and all the rest of the courses are studied in Egypt, in addition to an internship and master’s thesis as part of the program. According to a recent announcement, campus El Gounna will be offering two more master programs soon and they are masters in IT of energy and masters in Business Engineering.
You can apply to study in Campus El Gouna all year round through three application periods,

Early application period     (1 September 2015-9 Febreuary 2016)

Regular application period  (10 Febreuary 2016- 31 May 2016)

Late application period       (1 June 2016- 31 August 2016)

Students applying within the early application period are eligible for funding opportunities, while students applying after this period during regular and late application periods  are responsible for finding their own funding.

Living in El Gouna City, you will be living in one of the most beautiful, sustainable and environment friendly cities in Egypt, so this is not just a unique learning experience; it is a life time experience.

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 International Masters in Renewable Energy – REMENA At Cairo University 

Cairo university in the number one governmental university in Egypt that lies in the heart of the capital, very near to the great pyramids of Giza.

REMENA is a dual Masters Program as a cooperation between Kassel university in Germany and Cairo University in Egypt, where you get the chance to study 6 months each in Cairo university and Kassel university and another 6 months to finish your master’s thesis in a company or institution that is active in Renewable energy field in MENA region (MENA refers to Middle eastern and North African countries).

To apply for REMENA program, there are two periods allowing students to start their studies at Cairo University or Kassel university, August 1st for winter term that starts in October at Cairo university and March 1st for summer term that starts in April at Kassel university.

One of the advantages of studying in the city of Cairo is “affordability”, as it is ranked as the number one affordable City by QS world universities ranking.

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The American University in Cairo- AUC

Ranked on the top of the universities in Egypt and 345th in the international ranking according to QS worldwide university rankings, it has a variety of post graduate programs offered in English in addition to different scholarships and Exchange programs. AUC is considered the first choice for foreigners to study in Egypt.

let’s take a look at some of the programs offered at AUC:

Dual Degree Master’s Program in Sustainable Development- it is offered in partnership with Politecnico di Milano,  the largest technical university in Italy and one of the top technical universities worldwide. Students complete the first year at AUC and the second in Italy, which enables them to earn their dual degree in their area of concentration.

Dual Degree Option in Political Science (B.A) and International Human Rights Law (M.A)- It is a program that combines  BA in Political Science and an MA in International Human Rights Law, Interested students have the option of starting the Dual Degree in the sixth semester of the political science BA at AUC.

You are recommended to go to AUC website and check the programs they are offering in your field of study, if you are considering Egypt for post graduation. Also for scholarship opportunities in the university check out WeMakeScholars.

These are just a few of the many opportunities for students considering Egypt for post graduation. We will provide some more information about the Higher education scenario in Egypt in the subsequent blogs. Meanwhile, you can check out the scholarship opportunities for masters programs in Egypt using


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