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Dr Manmohan Singh ScholarshipDr Manmohan Singh Scholarship is raised to support Indian students who want to pursue Doctoral studies in St.Johns college of Cambridge University. This Scholarship is anticipated that students will go on to become achievers and opinion formers within Indian Society, and applicants should be able to illustrate and represent their leadership potential accordingly.

Under this Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarship, a number of scholarships are awarded to students for their upcoming future and will be available in preference of their eligibility.
Awards for Doctoral studies include subjects:

  1. Science & Technology
  2. Economics
  3. Social Sciences
  4. Aerospace Engineering
  5. Marine Engineering
  6. Energy Studies


Who are Eligible for Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarship ?

  1. Indian aspirants who are currently based in India and holding a valid Indian Passport.
  2. Applicant must be fluent in spoken and written English.
  3. Applicant should be Below 35 years of age before 31st January in the year of applying for Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarship.
  4. Candidate applying for Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarship shouldn’t have any notable exposure to UK education or received a UK government funding.
  5. Applicant must retain a Master’s degree in recognized Indian University or First class award in a relevant subject.

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How to Apply ?

The application process is completed in 3 stages:
*Please note that this should be completed in addition to the University of Cambridge Graduate Application Form which can be completed via the University’s Applicant Portal.

  1. Applicant should first apply through the University of Cambridge through Graduate Application Form.
  2. Candidates who have crossed the later stages of the University’s selection procedure will be communicated by St John’s and asked to provide further details.
  3. Final selection will be made by St John’s following interview procedure (either Personal or electronically).
  4. After final selection applicants need to fill college Preliminary Application Form.
    *Please do not send any extra information to St John’s at the final stage.


On What basis Application form is assessed ?

  1. Applicants with scholarly merit are given high preference.
  2. Previous academic achievements, awards, and projects are taken into consideration during evaluating the application.


Does St.John’s accept Deferred entry ?

  1. The college is moderately neutral with regard to gap years, and college really has no bias one way or the other regarding deferred entries.
  2. It is impossible to alter a year of entry after an offer has been placed.
  3. Interviews take place in December of each year and so applicant should try to avoid any clash if gap year plans involve working abroad.


Is it mandatory to spend one year or partial year is accepted ?

Regrettably not. College doesn’t accept any “visitor students” in the middle of the year unless they are from exchange scheme by approved colleges.


If my application is rejected, can I reapply for Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarship?

Yes, but applicant need to apply for next intake as a fresh start for another college in Cambridge University.


What is the value of the award for successful applicants ?

Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarship covers:

  1. Academic Fees
  2. International
  3. Airfare
  4. Living expenses of applicant and UK Visa.


What is the deadline for applying for Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarship ?

Applications must be filled accordingly and submitted through online Application portal by 15th January 2018.


Many of the applicants are having a query that “Does Oxford university also provides Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarship ?”

Unfortunately, no. Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarship is only awarded through Cambridge University (St. John’s college).


Who funds Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarship?

Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarship programme has been funded by BP, Rolls-Royce, Hardeep Rai (a St John’s College alumnus) and two anonymous sponsors.


Some of the previous award winners of Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarship programme are:

Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarship


Application form and more details of Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarship 


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If you can give any suggestions to the Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarship aspirants, you can share them below in the comment sections. Also for other UK scholarships you can click here.

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