5 most common misconceptions about studying abroad among Indians

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Being an Indian myself, I can much relate with the thoughts, quite a few of us have regarding higher education. Most of us happen to believe in a variety of myths and have a lack of knowledge about anything or everything that happens outside the Bay of Bengal or Arabian Sea around us.

Lets put that to rest, with some of your thoughts here with this 5 major factors that you consider important when looking for a study abroad opportunity and the 5 most common misconceptions about studying abroad related to same


1. Expenses

common misconceptions about studying abroad

Dreams to Study Abroad is avoided in most cases owing to the expenses one may face through it. But dare not leave your dreams aside if you believe in your candidature. There are various options you can look into:

Note: Never Spend your local currency by converting every penny to Indian Rupees. It doesn’t make much sense anyways.

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2. Courses

common misconceptions about studying abroad

Foreign Education system is very different to Indian Education System with courses and subjects you undertake.

  • Always feel free to experiment with your choice of courses. I have seen many of my fellow classmates using their credits to learn a musical instrument along with the core mechanical modules.
  • You have a choice at the start of your semester to try all the curses offered in your department for your specific field of study and then later decide over the modules you like to pursue.

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3.  Professors

common misconceptions about studying abroad

You should never hesitate to meet your professor owing to doubts with your queries being relevant or not. In fact most of the professors welcome their students to help them with any issues they come to face.

In my personal experience my tutor was the first point of contact between me and my university. Anything related to course, accommodation, job or even personal issues, I always went for guidance to him.

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4. Weather

common misconceptions about studying abroad

This comes with no Surprise as most of us either underestimate or overestimate the weather conditions abroad. Its cheaper and smart to buy your winter clothes from the visiting country instead of paying huge bucks for an overpriced imported and cheap material from India. Also it could save you some space in luggage.

In countries like UK, You can never expect what would be the weather on the same day.

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5. JOB

common misconceptions about studying abroad

Its not just about getting a high paid job in US. Its also about making the most of your time while studying abroad. So don’t be driven by scores and aptitude alone. Spend some time in activities and participate in some contests. They not only help you develop some people skills along with exposure to ideas, but also add a value to yourself as an individual and the much cared resume you wish to show your employers.





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Vinay Nair likes to explore topics related to higher education and looks forward to help prospective students with queries related to their study abroad dreams.


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