Canadian Job Market For International Students

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International students in Canada are increasing every year not only because of the quality education but also the Canadian job opportunities provided by Canada particularly in the field of  information technology, engineering, science and mathematics. To obtain any kind of job, students must have a good fluency in the language along with job search strategies and strong resume. References and Recommendations are important for foreign students to get employment in the Canadian job market. International students have become an integral part of Canada’s immigration strategy as a result of ongoing changes in federal regulations aimed at recruiting more highly skilled “newcomers to the country”. The number of foreign students studying in Canada at all levels of education has been growing more quickly and it is very important for many students to know that there are potential opportunities that might lead to quality employment and permanent residence status after graduation.

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canada1Choosing the opportunities program wise will guarantee the students to get the right job according to their field of interest. Also, having the required knowledge, skills and abilities will make you get hired easily in the Canadian job market. Therefore, deciding about which study program is right for you, what your career goal is, what skills you want to develop is crucial. Students should know the experience and knowledge that is expected from the employer. Students often want to make a career transition while they are also trying to get integrated into the the Canadian job market. Without a proper Canadian experience, it is a great challenge to make a  career change and you will have difficult time in  job searching. It is preferable for the students to show flexibility by considering different job opportunities across the country. Gaining at least one year of Canadian experience will be helpful to get integrated into the Canadian job market. There are number of ways to get enough experience while pursuing the program. Doing internships, part-time jobs is a great way to get first-hand knowledge in the field. Try to develop a network of contacts in your field of interest and to discover the type of experience employers expect from applicants. Early exposure to the job market, targeted employment application training and intensive language courses are highly recommended during the study.

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Language is a very important asset in Canada as it is a bilingual country. Its two official languages are English and French, with French predominating in the province of Quebec. But mostly, language becomes a great barrier for the students. As for Canadian provinces, English language is a key requirement. If you are fluent in English and do not speak French, you may want to take French courses or consider seeking employment in major Canadian cities such as Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. Knowing French will be an extra asset for the students to get into employment at a faster rate. Having Self-awareness is an essential component of your job hunting process. In order to be successful in the career, you must be aware of possible conflicting values between home country culture and the Canadian culture. Some recruiters may have the assumption that hiring an international student is complex and time consuming and also students may return to their home countries. Employers may also consider that international students lack Canadian experience, as if their foreign experience had no value.

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Preparing a Professional Resume and Cover letter is very important for any student. The employer gets attracted by seeing the resume and cover letter. A cover letter should give a brief introduction about you and your position. Canadian employers must be able to judge your resume on your professional skills and qualifications. Completing degrees and obtaining certificates alone doesn’t lead you to an effective job and you should develop important skills specific to the job. Highlighting those skills in the resume increases your chances to get a call for the interview. Develop an appropriate job search strategy and keep trying  till you find what you are looking for!


In Canada, a large number of job opportunities are never advertised in newspapers or on the Internet. Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) survey regarding recruitments indicates that 76% of employers rely on employee referrals as a recruitment strategy. Therefore, candidates who want to maximize their job search, in addition to responding to job ads and approaching recruiting firms, must increase their visibility in the job market by developing their personal contact network. References and recommendations from an employer gives  trust to the company about you. Using multiple job search strategies and networking is by far one of the best ways to discover the hidden job market. The network of contacts can be expanded by joining a professional association, doing volunteer works, participating in career fairs, corporate information sessions, business meetings, parties, connecting with student associations and committees and joining social networking sites. Having added skills and values allow you a unique edge over others. Skills and abilities like multilingual skills, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, business intelligence, ability to adapt to the environment are generally considered important. Market yourself in a way that your added value is clear in the eyes of the recruiter.

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  1. I’ve completed my btech ece in India, but I have no job experience. I am so confused as to what to pursue in Canada . Will Masters help? What about doing PhD after Masters? I’d really appreciate your advice .

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