Best Mindset for Students While Studying Abroad

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Have you ever wondered why some people are not successful even after studying abroad  while others are very successful even without graduating from a university?

Many factors contribute to the success of an individual who is studying abroad. Proper mindset is one of the key factors that help students not only achieve success but also broaden their horizons

In today’s post I’ve decided to talk about three types of mind sets in detail and help you understand which one is the best mindset that you should have in order to maximize your chances to success.

Let’s begin!

Fixed mind set

People with such kind of mind set are not usually set for progress. They are left behind in those old “sweet” days. They often remember the past with a great nostalgia and hate almost everything that surrounds him/her in real time. They strongly believe that life in their country many years ago was much better than the present. Or it can also happen that they did something really bad in the past and often find it very hard to forget and forgive themselves.

If you are going to study abroad, remember that with a fixed mind set you won’t be able to go very far and clearly this is not the best mindset one should try for.

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Flexible mind set

People with flexible mind set are open to new ideas, challenges and conditions in life. Not everything can shock them and put their spirit off. They don’t complain about anything and see many difficulties of life as a challenge. They experience some sort of success in their life but often feel something hidden holds them back. They often don’t know what it is but the good news is that I am going to tell you what holds them back in this article.

Just remember that with a flexible mind set, you may be able to avoid things like cultural shock and hold a mediocre level relationship with your international friends and professors. But one of the best things about studying abroad is building a network and creating something grandiose together, isn’t it?  So, there is chance for improvement and that brings us to the final and best mindset one should have.

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Growth mind set

Yes…, this is what they really need. People with growth mind sets are those who are mostly successful. Not only they know how to tolerate hardships of life and overcome them eventually but they set themselves for success as well. They learn from every single opportunity they may have. If they fail, they see it as a meaningful lesson. They learn from it. They hang out with people of different calibers and learn something new from them every time. They learn something new even from kids and do not give importance to age, gender etc. People with growth mind sets often think about providing a value to society and believe that building a network is a win-win situation.

So, if you are planning to study abroad make sure you fall in the “Growth mindset” category because the prime advantages of studying abroad is to learn about new cultures and develop your personality and these traits can only be developed with growth mindset.

Use the comments section below and let us know what do you think about the three kinds of mindsets and to which category do you belong!







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