Asia provide scholarships too!

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Asia provide scholarships too!

Most international students seem to head and seek opportunities in the western side of the world. However Asia is the largest continent on Earth: It covers almost 9% of the globe of over 48 Asian countries. There are hundreds of things that will surprise, astonish and delight you in this continent including opportunities of studies you can put your hands on.

So take sometime to check this list for different scholarships in different Asian countries of all kinds.


Most popular scholarships in Japan:

Speaking of Japan that is the third largest developed country in the world by nominal GDP, Japan has a very strong systematic education for all levels. More than 100,000 international students study in Japan every year in more than 780 universities! Include yourself one of them next year maybe?

  • Konosuke Matsushita Memorial Foundation Scholarship: Japanese scholarship for masters in all subjects – completely funded.
  • ADB-Japan Scholarship Program: Scholarship in the field of banking, management, business and economics provided – fully funded.

    asia provide scholarships

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  • Hakuho Foundation Japanese Research Fellowships: Japanese fellowship in Japanese language – fully funded.
  • Japanese Government Scholarships: Japanese scholarships for International Research Students, fields may be restricted to particular fields by the Japanese Embassy/Consulate – fully funded.
  • YKK Leaders 21 at Waseda University: Masters/PhD degree for students of South East Asia, South Asia, West Asia, Central Asia and Africa regions. In the field of science and engineering – fully funded opportunity.
  • Otsuka Toshimi Scholarship Foundation: Japanese scholarships for students of medicine, pharmacology, nutrition, physical education or business administration for international students – fully funded.

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Top scholarships in South Korea:

Over the past 60 years, South Korea have been investing heavily in the education system and today its brilliant and high-performing students are the envy of many nations worldwide.

  • Seoul National University Scholarships: It is Korean university exchange program
    asia provide scholarships

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    scholarships for international students, requires high studying performance – fully funded.

  • KGSP (Korean Government Scholarship Program): for Master’s or Doctoral international candidates as well as Research Program – fully funded.
  • Chung-Ang University Post-doc Scholarship: Chung-Ang university opens applications for international students to study Computer Vision-Medical Imaging-Image Processing in South Korea – fully funded.
  • International Scholar Exchange Fellowship (ISEF): Fellowship for students from all Asia to study at leading institutions in South Korea.

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Scholarships in China:

Maybe you don’t know that China has become one of the most popular study abroad destinations for international students!
But it is true, China is one of the exciting countries regarding history and culture of all times. In 2012, more than 320,000 students from over 180 countries came to China to study for either degree or non-degree programs!

asia provide scholarships

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One of the reasons for international students to head for China is that, it is not very hard to be accepted for scholarship. China encourages international students from all the world to get all sort of studies in its universities.

  • BIT Scholarship For International Students: Institute of Technology in Beijing provides fully covered scholarship for international technology students.
  • Chinese Government: Provides bilateral program for international students and It supports undergraduate programs, master’s programs, doctoral programs, general scholar programs and senior scholar programs – fully/partially funded.
  • Chinese Government Great Wall: Chinese scholarship program for developing countries students – fully funded.
  • Zhejiang University Scholarship: Chinese scholarship for International Postgraduate Students. It has plenty of programs in different studying fields – fully/partially funded. Offers scholarships for international postgraduate students in the field of hydraulic and ocean Engineering.
    Also it provides future leaders scholarship program for Indian students undertaking a two-year English-taught master’s degree in public administration at Zhejiang University.
  • Confucius Institute (Hanban) Scholarships: This program provides financial aid for students, scholars and Chinese language teachers worldwide to get a master’s degree in Teaching Chinese – fully funded.

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Hong Kong scholarships for international students:

  • The Self-financing Post-secondary Education Fund: It is scholarships to outstanding local and international students pursuing full-time sub-degree or bachelor’s degree program -$10,300 scholarship

    asia provide scholarships

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  • The University of Hong Kong Scholarships for International Students: Entrance Scholarships are available to students (local and international) when you apply to study at The University of Hong Kong in all fields. Awarded on the basis of academic merits – fully funded.
  • The Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme: aims to attract the best and brightest students from around the world to pursue PhD programs in Hong Kong – funded fellowship opportunity.
  • Unison Scholarships: Scholarship amount is for ethnic minority students in all subjects and is worth HKD7000. Deadline for applying 25 of August 2015!

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Scholarships in Malaysia, ever considered it?

asia provide scholarships

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Malaysia has established and high quality education system and standards. Also, Malaysia is one of the countries that has comparatively low expenditure of studying and living.

  • Malaysia International Scholarships: International scholarships by the Malaysian Government and awarded to incoming students at Malaysian universities to attract the best brains from around the world to pursue advanced academic studies in Malaysia. Priority given to science and engineering students – fully funded.
  • Sarawak Energy Scholarship: Malaysian scholarship in power that provides bachelors and diploma degree for Malaysian students – fully funded.

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Welcome to scholarships in Singapore:

  • Singapore International Graduate Award: are given to international students with excellent academic undergraduate and/or master’s results in Science and
    asia provide scholarships

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    Engineering at a Singapore University – fully funded opportunity.

  • Lee Kong Chian Graduate Scholarships:
    scholarship for research students who are interested to carry further studies in high standard universities in Singapore.
  • University Engineering Scholarship NTU: scholarship for international students to study engineering in Singapore.

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Look around you, there are many possibilities for one thing, countries that you never thought about and places you never imaged that it can fulfill your life goals.

The world is indeed a small village now but still we are smaller! Stay tuned for more opportunities in unlisted countries..






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