5 Things to Bring Home after Studying Abroad

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5 Things to Bring Home after Studying Abroad! Doesn’t it sound interesting?

Every student who had the chance to get out of the boarders to another country and stay for studies should know that he/she must fetch five things back home.

Travelling abroad is always rewarding and studying abroad is even more rewarding.

So getting back home, you should at least have those 5 five things wrapped up with you.


1. A new combo experience

In both; your studying field and personal scale.
You have been traveling abroad, meeting something new everyday, enhancing yourself on all scales. You are more responsible now, more hard working and friendly.

There are a lot to tell about to your friends and family members when you get home. Realize that before you leave and sparkle when you get home. On the other hand, you could miss out few things too.

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2. A wide range of new network

No matter how long have you stayed abroad, you must have knew many international people. It is not a rule but most of the time when you are a foreigner your chances to have a rich social life is very applicable in a new country.

Depends on the studying field of course! Some students can’t get out of the dorm! But you should know, you have to return home with new friends who will plan to make a visit sometime soon.

Network is one of the very good qualities and assets in studying abroad.


3. A new second or third language

Soon you return home, your friends and family will definitely ask you to speak Chinese if you were in China. British English accent if you were studying in UK and so..

And languages are one of life interesting wonders. You should make sure you interact while you are abroad and have the experience to the end. Returning home with a new language is always awesome!

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4. Some serious souvenirs

You have been studying there for world’s sake! Depends on your culture but bringing back home some gifts and souvenirs are always a good idea.

It makes everyone happy and it leaves deep impacts. And since you have stayed abroad as a student you must have known the country not as a tourist but mostly as an active citizen.

You know good places and what is so special in that country to get to your family members or your friends. And don’t forget to tell stories about the gifts it always gives meaningful feelings.


5. Better person

The world has agreed that by traveling, working hard and discovering the essence of people chances.

Traveling is kind of magical and it has to make you a better person! Regarding your manners, personality and dreams.

Return home with bigger dreams, with more tolerance and more understanding to the world, overall making you a smarter person.

Contribute positively at home and your community. Reflect back your good experience at your home and most importantly never give up exploring and developing yourself.

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According to me, these are the list of 5 Things to Bring Home after Studying Abroad! If you think there is something important that should be on the list, make sure you mention it in a comment. I would love to add it!

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