15 methods you can apply to avoid procrastination at University

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Once you start with Uni Life, the biggest bug you won’t know could hit you is the wonderful term our professors keep repeating year after year called “Procrastination”. The effects are many and the hook is that it can grow viral within your systems. Know that an average person becomes the laziest creature on earth, when he is living by himself. Its fun to avoid deadlines and creep out with late submissions and failing assignments but a little homework or planning can help you easily avoid the greatest of misconduct. Here we go.


1. Know Yourself.

Know Yourself

A deep understanding on oneself is the key to master your own fundamentals in life. Defiine them on a piece of paper and cover it all.


2. Practise Effective time management.

Practice Effective Time Management

Dont overrate your skills and always give ample amount of time on each taks. Make good value of your own time.

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3. Change your perspective

Change your perspective

Think different sometimes and avoid people who say thinking is just a waste of time. It will be if you listen to  them.


4. Commit to assignments.

Commit to Assignments

Once you put your commitment over something dont listen to the naysayers even if its you deep within.

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5. Work in productive environments.

Work in Productive Environments

Keep yourself active and positive by scaling things over the workspace. Beleive in some areas for particular taks. It’s helpful


6. Be Realistic.

Be Realistic

Wake up from your dreams, dont build superhuman goals. Even Spiderman knows that with great powers come great responsibilities.

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7. Self Talk Positively.

Self Talk Positively

Analyse yourself and your behavioral changes. It always has something to tell you. Listen to your mind as well as your soul when it comes to taking a decision.


8. Un-Schedule.


Relax and work peacefully. Productivity balance comes with your sense of action and commitment.

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9. Swiss Cheese tasks.

Swiss Cheese Tasks

You can even tame a dragon if you try it in simple easy steps than throwing a spear right at it. Hope you dont get burned!


10. Don’t Indulge into fantasies.

Dont Indulge Fantasies

Dont get me wrong, please but I do mean that. Fantasies can be anything. Limit your demands and allocate time for everything.

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11. Plan for Obstacles.

Plan for Obstacles

The way to success is a way full of rocks and piles said someone and I believe in him for it really is. Anything that comes to you easily may not be worth it or else you are very passionate about your work. Choose one.


12. Improve Learning behavior.

Improve Learning Behavior

As you sow, so shall you reap so dont count the eggs before they hatches. Keep imporvising and developing your aims.

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13. Help yourself.

Help yourself

There is no better help than self help and no better service than self service.


14. Reward Progress.

Reward Progress

Who doesnt like a trophy case at the end. Gift yourself with some treats everytime you finish a task as per schedule.

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15. Learn to forgive yourself.

Learn to forgive yourself

Its very important to understand the core of any issue and start working against it. I hope this blog helps you stay productive and positive in your work. Keep it Bookmarked!


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