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Bank of Baroda Education Loan Online Application helps you to submit your BOB Education Loan Application form with ease, without the hassles of standing in a queue and unnecessary delays.

Bank of Baroda is a Public Sector Undertaking which is India’s second largest bank by assets. In September 2018, it was merged with two other Public Banks to become India’s third-largest lender.

Bank of Baroda Education Loan is one of the leading performers in the Education Loan for abroad studies segment.

Baroda Scholar Education Loan is specifically for students planning to pursue their higher studies abroad. The Baroda Scholar Loan is strictly a collateral based loan and accepts two kinds of collateral security for abroad studies- Immovable Property and Liquid Security.

To start the process of Baroda scholar online, apply by submitting this BOB Education Loan Online Application Form.

This BOB Education Loan online Application form requires the basic identity and residence details of the applicant and co-applicant. The details submitted in this Baroda Scholar application form is confidential and is accessible only to BOB personnel and their National Digital Partner for Education Loans.

Please note that apart from the above mentioned information, Bank of Baroda Education Loan Process will require the student to submit certain additional documents directly to the branch. This includes collateral security documents, other affidavits, academic records, Letter of Acceptance from the university abroad, and score cards of the relevant qualifying tests. The Bank of Baroda Education Loan checklist of required documents will be sent to the student by BOB’s Digital Partner after the above form has been submitted.

Please drop the Bank of Baroda Education Loan for Abroad online application via this portal so that the loan officer will contact you within 2 working days, prequalify your profile and start the process. This will help the student get a sanction with ease and quickness.